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FCA Symposium on Consolidation in the Farm Credit System

In early 2014, FCA held a symposium titled "Consolidation in the Farm Credit System: The Factors Influencing Consolidation and the Potential Impact on Mission." The purpose of the symposium was to consider the effects consolidation may have—both positive and negative—on the System's safety and soundness and its ability to fulfill its mission.

The symposium was held in two sessions—one on January 16 and one on February 19. Following is a list of the symposium panels and the panelists who served on them. Presentation papers are available for most speakers. Click on each presenter's name to view his or her paper.

January 16 Session

Panel: The 1987 Farm Credit Act: Policy Makers' Perspectives on Consolidation

Panel: The Customer's Perspective on Farm Credit System Structure and Ability to Deliver Financial Services


Commercial Farmers and Ranchers

Part-Time Producers and Rural Residents

February 19 Session

Panel: Agricultural, Economic, and Financial Trends Impacting the Farm Credit System

Trends in Commercial Agriculture

Trends in Rural America

Panel: Farm Credit System Representatives’ Views of the Future Relative to Consolidation in the System


Page posted: February 21, 2014