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Privacy program

FCA’s privacy program evaluates agency programs, systems, and initiatives for potential privacy impacts. It also provides mitigation strategies to reduce privacy impacts and ensures transparency around FCA policies and practices related to the handling of personally identifiable information.

FCA Privacy Act regulations

The Farm Credit Administration’s Privacy Act regulations are available at 12 CFR Part 603.

Public privacy policies

Our public privacy policy is available on

Publicly available reports on privacy

FCA does not currently have any publicly available reports related to the Privacy Program.

Privacy impact assessments

Systems of records notices

The Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (5 U.S.C. § 552a), prohibits the disclosure without consent of information about individuals that the federal government maintains in a system of records. Agencies are required to give the public notice of their systems of records by publication in the Federal Register. The Farm Credit Administration’s Systems of Records Notices are listed below.

How to request access and amendments to records

FCA has a process for requesting and amending individual records. See sections 603.310, 603.320, and 603.330 of our regulations.

You may request a record concerning yourself by completing this access request form (PDF) and sending the form to [email protected].

You may request a record concerning yourself to provide to another individual or entity by completing this disclosure consent form (PDF) and sending the form to [email protected].

You also may submit your request in writing to the following address:

Privacy Act Officer
Office of General Counsel
1501 Farm Credit Drive
McLean, VA 22102-5090

Your request should state your full name and address and identify the system (or systems) of records believed to contain the information or record you seek. The Privacy Act officer will determine within a reasonable period after the date of receipt whether the request should be granted and will notify you of the determination.

If, after disclosure, you believe the record is not accurate, relevant, timely, or complete, you may request in writing that the record be amended. In your request, be sure to identify the system of record and briefly describe the requested changes and the reason you are requesting them. Submit your request to the Privacy Act officer.

Matching notices and agreements

The Farm Credit Administration currently does not have any active matching programs or associated matching notices or agreements.

Privacy-related questions or complaints

Jane Virga
Senior Counsel
1501 Farm Credit Drive
McLean, VA 22102-5090
[email protected]

FCA senior agency official for privacy

Jerald Golley
Chief Information Officer
Office of Information Technology
Voice: 703-883-4444
TTY: 703-883-4056
Email: [email protected]

Page updated: February 23, 2024