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Inspector general plans and reports

Inspector general plans and reports

Listed below are the reports and publications created by FCA's Office of Inspector General. For reports prior to 2010, go to Archive of OIG publications.

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  • The IG Act requires each inspector general in the federal government to prepare a semiannual report, which summarizes the activities of his or her respective office for the past six months.
    The report for October 1 to March 31 is submitted to the chairman of the agency no later than April 30, and the report for April 1 to September 30 is submitted by October 31.

    The chairman may comment on the report but may not change it. Within 30 days of receipt, the chairman transmits the report to Congress, together with management’s report on the status of audit and inspection recommendations and agreed-upon actions, and any remarks by the chairman.

    Links to the most recent semiannual reports are provided below. To view semiannual reports dating back to September 1989, go to Archive of OIG publications.

    October - March April - September
    2023 (PDF) 2023 (PDF)
    2022 (PDF) 2022 (PDF)
    2021 (PDF) 2021 (PDF)
    2020 (PDF) 2020 (PDF)
    2019 (PDF) 2019 (PDF)
    2018 (PDF) 2018 (PDF)
    2017 (PDF) 2017 (PDF)
    2016 (PDF) 2016 (PDF)
    2015 (PDF) 2015 (PDF)
    2014 (PDF) 2014 (PDF)
    2013 (PDF) 2013 (PDF)
    2012 (PDF) 2012 (PDF)
    2011 (PDF) 2011 (PDF)
    2010 (PDF) 2010 (PDF)

    Reporting requirements

    The reporting requirements for the semiannual report are contained in section 5 of the IG Act. The President’s Council on Integrity and Efficiency and the Office of Management and Budget have provided additional guidance on the content of the report. Items normally included in the report are the following:

    • Description of significant problems, abuses, and deficiencies relating to the administration of FCA’s programs and operations
    • Recommendations and agreed-upon actions
    • Significant recommendations or agreed-upon actions from previous semiannual reports that have not been carried out
    • Matters referred to prosecutive authorities and the results of those prosecutions
    • Selected regulatory commentary summaries and agency responses
    • Statistical tables

    The report may also include other information concerning relevant topics.

    Report distribution

    The semiannual report is available to the public here on the FCA website and is widely distributed throughout the government.

Page updated: April 23, 2024