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Criminal referrals

FCA regulations require Farm Credit System institutions to report suspected criminal activity. (See 12 CFR Part 612, Subpart B, for reporting thresholds and FCA Bookletter BL-073 for additional guidance on criminal referrals.) “Suspected criminal activity” is any activity for which there is a reasonable basis to conclude a crime has occurred or is occurring (these violations typically fall under U.S. Code Title 18, Part I - Crimes (§§1-2725)).

We expect System institutions to exercise due diligence in discovering, investigating, and reporting criminal activity.

To report suspected criminal activity, sign in to our criminal referral system from the internet browser Chrome, Firefox, or Edge (the system doesn't work with Internet Explorer). After you sign in, you will be immediately redirected to the criminal referral form. If you do not have an account already with the e-data role, you will need to request one. See How to submit data to FCA for information on requesting an account.

Be sure to submit the form within 30 calendar days of determining that a known or suspected crime has occurred or is occurring. Follow the instructions in the form to submit the form to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and FCA.

Page updated: February 18, 2022