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Management challenges

As part of the agency’s annual Performance and Accountability Report, the Reports Consolidation Act of 2000 requires inspectors general to provide a summary perspective on the most serious management and performance challenges facing the agency. These challenges reflect ongoing vulnerabilities identified by the OIG over recent years as well as new and emerging issues that the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) faces. The chart below summarizes the top management challenges. The pages following the chart provide more depth regarding the challenge and the agency’s progress in addressing the challenge.

Examination and Supervision Program is Identifying and addressing risks in the Farm Credit System (System) through effective examination and supervision to ensure the System remains safe and sound. Information Technology is the ability to leverage investments in information technology while maintaining a secure environment. Human Capital means maintaining a well-trained, sustainable workforce while facing challenges in retirement eligibiltiies, workforce retention, and diversity. Organizational Structure and Governance aligns FCA's organizational structure to the goals and priorities of the FCA Board and the Executive Branch reform initiatives while remaining a strong safety and soundness regulator.

Download Management Challenges 2017 (PDF)

Page updated: September 29, 2018