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Farmer Mac oversight

Through the Office of Secondary Market Oversight, the Farm Credit Administration regulates, supervises, and examines the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation or Farmer Mac. We ensure that Farmer Mac remains financially sound, fulfills its mission, and complies with all laws and regulations that apply.

In addition to developing and issuing regulations to govern Farmer Mac and providing year-round supervision, we conduct an annual comprehensive review of the organization to assess its safety and soundness and its risk management practices. We evaluate the following:

  • Management performance, including the performance of senior managers and the board of directors
  • Asset quality
  • Mission achievement
  • Financial condition and performance (This involves evaluating Farmer Mac’s capital, earnings, liquidity, and sensitivity to interest rate risk.)
  • Effectiveness of the Farmer Mac board and management in addressing and correcting any issues identified by FCA examiners

This section of our website contains resources for Farmer Mac employees and board members, investors interested in Farmer Mac, and anyone who would like to learn more about Farmer Mac.

Farmer Mac's purpose

Congress created Farmer Mac to increase the availability of long-term credit to America's rural communities by increasing the lending capacity of rural lenders.