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Laws & regulations

The principal statute from which we derive our authority is the Farm Credit Act of 1971, which has been amended many times over the years.

Located at 12 U.S.C. §§ 2001–2279cc, the Farm Credit Act sets forth the purpose and authorities of all FCS institutions, including Farmer Mac. Our statutes database provides access to the text of the Farm Credit Act, as well as to provisions applicable to FCA from other statutes.

At FCA, we develop regulations (rules) to implement the Farm Credit Act and other relevant laws. Our goal is to help the Farm Credit System fulfill its public mission and to ensure that the System operates safely and soundly.

Like all federal regulations, FCA regulations have the force and effect of law. All our regulations are listed in our regulations database.

FCA Handbook

The FCA Handbook database includes statutes, regulations, and FCA board policy guidance applicable to the Farm Credit System, FCA, and the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation.

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Recent handbook updates

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