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Laws & regulations

This section of our website provides links to the laws and regulations that govern FCA, the Farm Credit System, and the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation. It also provides links to pending regulations.

In this section you will find links to board policy statements, informational memorandums, bookletters, and other documents we’ve issued to provide guidance to System institutions on complying with regulatory requirements.

In addition, this section of our website provides links to our public comments page, which contains information about how to comment on regulations and read comments left by others.

Also included in this section is a link to our regulatory projects plan, which describes the regulatory projects schedule for the next 12 to 24 months.

FCA Handbook

The FCA Handbook database includes statutes, regulations, and FCA board policy guidance applicable to the Farm Credit System, FCA, and the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation.

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Recent handbook updates

03-31-18 (Word)  |   02-28-18 (Word)  |  01-31-18 (Word)