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Inspector general

The mission of FCA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) is to be an agent of positive change, striving for continual improvement in FCA’s management and program operations.

The OIG has the following responsibilities:

  • To conduct audits, inspections, evaluations, and investigations relating to agency programs and operations
  • To review proposed legislation and regulations
  • To inform both the FCA board and the Congress when it discovers fraud or any other serious problems
  • To recommend policies for promoting economy and efficiency, and for preventing fraud, waste, and abuse in the agency’s programs and operations
  • To recommend corrective actions and to report on progress made in implementing these corrective actions
  • To refer criminal matters to appropriate agencies, including the Department of Justice, for prosecution

By statute, the OIG is entitled to unfiltered access to all FCA records. The FCA board has reinforced this authority, stating that the OIG has open access to all documents, databases, and meetings. The OIG also has the authority to issue subpoenas to obtain documents from sources outside the federal government.

Information quality

The FCA OIG maintains this website as a public service. Unless specified, the information presented on this site is considered public information and may be distributed. The information is only intended to be general summary information to the public. It is not intended to take the place of either written laws or regulations.

Contact the OIG

Phone: 703-883-4030

IG hotline: 800-437-7322, 703-883-4316, or
[email protected]


Farm Credit Administration
Office of Inspector General
1501 Farm Credit Drive
McLean, VA 22102-5090

Semiannual report to Congress

Download the March 31, 2022 Semiannual Report to Congress (PDF).