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Publications about FCA
  1. FCA Fiscal Year 2019 Proposed Budget and Performance Plan
    (PDF, 99 pages, 874 KB)

  2. FCA Strategic Plan, FY 2016–2021 (PDF, 17 pages,169 KB)

  3. FCA Information Resources Management Strategic Plan, FY 2018–2022 (PDF, 11 pages,132 KB)

  4. FCA Performance and Accountability Reports
    (Note: Reports for fiscal years 1999 through 2002 also contain information on the financial condition and performance of the Farm Credit System.)

  5. FCA Annual Reports on the Farm Credit System

  6. FCA Regulatory Projects Plan

  7. Office of Inspector General Reports, including Audit Reports, Inspection Reports,and Semiannual Reports to Congress

  8. FY 2008 FCA Annual Reporting Under E-Government Act of 2002
    (PDF, 6 pages, 505 KB)

  9. Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Results, 2017 (PDF, 6 pages, 152 KB)

  10. FCA Sustainability Plans

  11. Statement on Farm Credit Administration's Climate Change Adaptation Policy (PDF, 2 pages, 69 KB)

  12. Plan for Retrospective Analysis of Existing Rules (PDF, 6 pages, 134 KB)

  13. Plain Writing Act Compliance Report (PDF, 11 pages, 63 KB)


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