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FCA regulations

At FCA, we develop regulations (rules) to implement the Farm Credit Act of 1971, as amended, and other relevant laws. The primary goal of our regulations is to ensure that the Farm Credit System fulfills its public mission and operates safely and soundly. Like all federal regulations, FCA regulations have the force and effect of law.

The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations ( consists of 50 “titles,” or subject areas. FCA’s regulations are located in Title 12: Banks and Banking, under chapter VI. This chapter consists of Parts 600 through 655, and a link to each part is provided below.

After opening one of the parts, you may click on the link to the table of contents above the part number to go directly to any subpart. You may also print out a recently updated copy of the entire part.

Historically we maintained the text of our regulations in a database. However, since the eCFR provides our regulations in full and offers more user-friendly printing and linking capabilities, we have transitioned away from maintaining the text of our regulations on our website. If you need assistance searching or printing our regulations from the eCFR, please send an email to [email protected].

Subchapter A: Administrative Provisions

Part 600 Organization and Functions

Part 601 Employee Responsibilities and Conduct

Part 602 Releasing Information

Part 603 Privacy Act Regulations

Part 604 Farm Credit Administration Board Meetings

Part 605 Information

Part 606 Enforcement of Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap in Programs or Activities Conducted by the Farm Credit Administration

Part 607 Assessment and Apportionment of Administrative Expenses

Part 608 Collection of Claims Owed the United States

Subchapter B: Farm Credit System

Part 609 Electronic Commerce

Part 610 Registration of Mortgage Loan Originators

Part 611 Organization

Part 612 Standards of Conduct and Referral of Known or Suspected Criminal Violations

Part 613 Eligibility and Scope of Financing

Part 614 Loan Policies and Operations

Part 615 Funding and Fiscal Affairs, Loan Policies and Operations, and Funding Operations

Part 616 Leasing

Part 617 Borrower Rights

Part 618 General Provisions

Subpart A: Related Services List

Part 619 Definitions

Part 620 Disclosure to Shareholders

Part 621 Accounting and Reporting Requirements

Part 622 Rules of Practice and Procedure

Part 623 Practice Before the Farm Credit Administration

Part 624 Margin and Capital Requirements for Covered Swap Entities

Part 625 Application for Award of Fees and Other Expenses Under the Equal Access to Justice Act

Part 626 Nondiscrimination in Lending

Part 627 Title IV Conservators, Receivers, and Voluntary Liquidations

Part 628 Capital Adequacy of System Institutions

Part 630 Disclosure to Investors in Systemwide and Consolidated Bank Debt Obligations of the Farm Credit System

Part 650 Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation General Provisions

Part 651 Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation Governance

Part 652 Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation Funding and Fiscal Affairs

Part 653 Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation Risk Management

Part 654 [Reserved]

Part 655 Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation Disclosure and Reporting Requirements

Parts 656–699 [Reserved]

Page updated: November 30, 2023