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How to submit data to FCA

Employees of FCS institutions may submit data to FCA through a secure data submission portal. You must have an account to use the portal.

Institutions submit two types of data through the portal: call reports and e-data. Each account has a call report role, an e-data role, or both.

The call report role

If you hold an account with the call report role, you may use the portal to submit your institution's call reports to FCA and to update your institution's profile in the FCS institution directory.

When submitting call reports, you must use the submission files provided quarterly by FCA. For guidance in preparing the call report, see the Uniform Call Report Instruction Manual (PDF). If you have any questions about the data submission process, contact April Davis at FCA.

Data you may submit using an account with the call report role
 Annual meeting information statement  Mission-related investments report
 Annual report  Notice of significant or material event
 Appendix D  OMB budget report
 Call report  Other call report correspondence
 Call report addenda  PCR noncompliance notice
 Farmer Mac debt, derivatives, liquidity report  Quarterly report
 Farmer Mac Risk-Based Capital Stress Test data  Supplemental call report
 Farmer Mac SEC-Treasury correspondence  Syndication/assignment study report
 Government-guaranteed loan data  YBS data

The e-data role

E-data are data that FCA examiners request from FCS institutions during examinations. If you hold an account with the e-data role, you may use the secure portal to  submit e-data for your institution.

Data you may submit using an account with the e-data role
 Audit reports  Management reports – Credit
 Board/committee meeting materials  Management reports – Finance
 Criminal referrals  Management reports – IT
 District reports  Management reports – Other
 Enforcement and supervision information  Planning documents
 Human resource documents  Policies and procedures
 Legal documents  

Portal accounts

If you forget your password, please visit the FCA self-service password management portal. Note: To use this service, you must have previously enrolled your account.

If you are an FCS employee who needs help creating an account with FCA, please complete and submit the account request form to the FCA Helpline.

If you wish to delete an account, submit the account deletion form to the FCA Helpline.

Technical assistance with account issues is available through the FCA Helpline:

Hours of Operation:  8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (ET)
Phone: 1-877-322-4503
Email: [email protected]

Page updated: September 23, 2020