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Submitting a FOIA request

FCA will disclose any records that are not protected by one of the nine FOIA exemptions or one of the three FOIA exclusions. If an exempt record contains nonexempt portions that can be separated from the whole with reasonable effort, FCA will release those portions.

FCA may charge a fee for document search, review, and reproduction. The total fee depends on the identity of the requester and purpose of the request. For more information, see our fees for FOIA requests.

Important: Before submitting a FOIA request, please see the documents available through Reports and publications. Also see the FOIA reading room panel on the Freedom of Information Act page. It is possible that you do not have to submit a FOIA request to obtain the information you want.

Instructions for submitting a FOIA request

To submit a FOIA request by electronic form, go to and complete the form. If you would like to submit your request by mail, fax, or email, please follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure that your submission clearly states “FOIA Request.”
  2. Provide a detailed description of the records you are requesting. Include specific dates, titles, and subject-matter descriptions.
  3. Indicate the most you are willing to pay in fees for the records.
  4. Submit the request to us in one of three ways:
    • Send through the mail to
      Freedom of Information Act Officer
      Farm Credit Administration
      1501 Farm Credit Drive
      McLean, VA 22102-5090
    • Submit your request by fax to (703) 790-0052.
    • Submit your request by email to [email protected].
Page updated: March 27, 2019