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How to Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

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Anyone who suspects or has knowledge of fraud, waste, abuse of authority, mismanagement, or other wrongdoing should immediately contact the OIG.

FCA employees may contact the OIG directly or through their supervisors. Agency managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that allegations of wrongdoing are promptly reported to the OIG. The OIG can be contacted directly

Complainants should provide the following information if possible:

Complainants should not engage in any independent inquiry or investigation and should not discuss the matter with the persons suspected of wrongdoing.  Complainants should provide the OIG with any new or additional information pertinent to the allegation.

Protections for Complainants
Complainants may make allegations anonymously. However, anonymous allegations may lack the specificity needed for the OIG to fully investigate. Complainants who identify themselves will not have their names revealed unless the Inspector General determines the disclosure is unavoidable.

Reprisal and retaliation for reporting wrongdoing is prohibited by Federal law and regulations. (See the No Fear Act and the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act.) However, individuals may be subject to disciplinary or criminal action for knowingly making a false complaint or providing false information.

For more information regarding whistleblower protections, see FCA's Whistleblower Protection page. For information on reprisal protections for Federal grantees and contractors, see 41 USC 4712. For information on protections for Federal job applicants, see the EEO and Diversity page.

Complaints Regarding Farm Credit System Institutions
The Office of Inspector General’s statutory authorities extend only to the operations of FCA and its employees, not to the operations of Farm Credit System institutions. If you believe a Farm Credit System institution has violated your rights as a borrower, has not complied with a statute or regulation, or has made a decision that compromises the safety and soundness of the institution, please notify the FCA Office of Congressional and Public Affairs. For information on how to do so, see the Borrower Rights page.

Please keep in mind that FCA does not have the authority to interfere in the management or business decisions of an FCS institution unless Federal law or regulations have been violated or unless the decisions affect the safety and soundness of the institution. FCA does not mediate disputes between borrowers and FCS institutions.

Page updated: March 4, 2014