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Diversity Activities

FCA strives to increase diversity recruitment, retention, and awareness through the following activities:

  1. Recruiting at Historically Black Colleges and Universities and at Hispanic Servicing Institutions

  2. Recruiting at career fairs for persons with disabilities and members of minority groups

  3. Participating in recruitment programs for college students with disabilities

  4. Posting job announcements at multiple grade levels to attract those less, as well as more, experienced

  5. Using employment services to assess the skills and qualifications of top minority candidates and those with disabilities

  6. Supporting special emphasis programs such as the Federal Women’s Program, the Hispanic Employment Program, and the Disability Program to enhance employment opportunities and career advancement

  7. Providing accessible accommodations for employees with disabilities

  8. Preparing employees for future leadership positions through FCA’s Supervisory Development Program

  9. Using experienced employees who volunteer to serve as mentors to help their protégés develop professionally and personally through FCA’s Mentoring Program

  10. Educating employees about the value of diversity through awareness programs