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FCA organizational chart

Note: Printer-friendly chart available in PDF.

  • FCA Board

    • Glen R. Smith, Chairman
    • Jeffery S. Hall, Member

    The following office and official reports to the board:

    • Office of Inspector General: Wendy Laguarda

    All of the following offices and officials report to the Office of the Board Chairman and CEO:

    • Secretary to the Board: Dale L. Aultman
    • Equal Employment and Inclusion Director: Thais Burlew
    • Designated Agency Ethics Official: Jane Virga
    • Office of Congressional and Public Affairs: Michael A. Stokke
    • Office of Secondary Market Oversight: Laurie A. Rea (This office reports to the board for policy and to the CEO for administration.)
    • Office of the Chief Operating Officer: Robert Coleman

    All of the following offices and officials report to the Office of the Chief Operating Officer:

    • Office of the Chief Financial Officer: Stephen G. Smith
    • Office of Agency Services: Vonda Bell
    • Office of Examination: Roger Paulsen
    • Office of Information Technology: Jerald Golley
    • Office of Regulatory Policy: Kevin Kramp
    • Office of General Counsel: Clark Ogilvie (This office maintains a confidential advisory relationship with each of the board members.)
    • Office of Data Analytics and Economics: Jeremy D'Antoni
Page updated: April 15, 2021