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Federal employees can choose from a wide selection of health insurance plans for themselves and their families. Unlike a growing number of private-sector workers, Federal employees can continue their health insurance into retirement with the same Government contributions that active (that is, unretired) employees receive. Currently, the Federal Government pays on average 72 percent of the cost of coverage. As a benefit for its active employees, FCA covers on average an additional 8 percent of their cost of coverage, for a total Government contribution of about 80 percent.

Dental and Vision
Federal employees and retirees can purchase dental and vision insurance (with no preexisting condition limitations) for themselves and eligible family members. Premiums are competitive.

Group Life
All employees are automatically enrolled in Federal group life insurance. The basic coverage equals annual pay (rounded to the next $1,000) plus $2,000. Employees pay two-thirds of the cost of basic life coverage and the Government pays one-third. Additional life insurance coverage for employees and their families may be purchased.

Long-Term Disability
Employees who work at least 30 hours per week are automatically enrolled in FCA’s long-term disability coverage, at no cost to them, on the first day of active employment.

Long-Term Care
Federal employees and retirees may purchase Federal long-term care insurance for themselves and qualified family members.

Short-Term Disability
The Federal Employees' Compensation Act provides compensation benefits to civilian employees of the United States for disability due to personal injury sustained while in the performance of duty. The act also provides for compensation for employment-related disease.

Updated 9/21/12