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Request for your input on the FCA strategic plan

The Farm Credit Administration is updating its strategic plan, and we would like to invite you — our stakeholders — to provide input in the process.

Our mission is to ensure that Farm Credit System institutions and Farmer Mac are safe, sound, and dependable sources of credit and related services for all creditworthy and eligible persons in agriculture and rural America. 

Our strategic plan will highlight our priorities and guide our activities for advancing this mission over the next five years (from 2022 to 2026), and we welcome any input you would like to provide.

How you can respond to this request

We’ve identified five focus areas to guide our strategic planning. (See our strategic planning framework (PDF).) For each focus area, we developed questions to help us determine the strategies we should employ to fulfill our goals in each area, and we welcome your input and responses to these questions.

We invite you to review the table below and send your input by following these instructions:

  1. Identify the focus area (or areas) and, if applicable, the questions you are addressing.
  2. Submit your input by Nov. 30, either by email to [email protected]. (For cybersecurity reasons, please do not include links to websites.) If you prefer, you may submit your response by hard copy to the following address:

Attn: FCA Strategic Plan 
Farm Credit Administration 
1501 Farm Credit Drive 
McLean, VA 22102-5090 

Please note that responses to this request are voluntary. Your response will be treated in accordance with FCA’s privacy policy and may be disclosed as required by law. Please do not include any proprietary, classified, confidential, trade secret, or sensitive information in your response.  

Focus areas and related questions for FCA’s strategic planning process for 2022 to 2026

Focus areas Questions

1. Promote the long-term viability of the U.S. ag economy by encouraging Farm Credit System institutions to serve young, beginning, and small (YBS) farmers and ranchers fairly and impartially.

a. What, if any, regulatory barriers hinder System institutions from meeting the congressional mandate to serve YBS farmers and ranchers?

b. What opportunities are there to promote best practices for serving YBS producers?

2. Consider how the challenges facing small System associations differ from those facing large ones when evaluating merger proposals to ensure that the System continues to meet the needs of all eligible borrowers safely and soundly.

a. How can FCA ensure that its oversight of small and large associations is fair and impartial and addresses the unique needs and challenges of each type of association?

b. How can FCA oversee institution mergers to address obstacles for small associations and ensure appropriate representation on boards?

3. Identify weather and other environmental threats to agricultural finance through scenario testing, and use this information to evaluate the contingency plans of System institutions and Farmer Mac to address those risks.

a. What are the top weather and environmental issues that are affecting the agricultural finance industry, the System, and/or Farmer Mac?

b. What contingency plans are needed to address the risk from the environment and weather?

c. What other potential risk areas are you focused on that could have a significant impact on the System and Farmer Mac? 

4. Assess the preparedness of System institutions and Farmer Mac for cybersecurity threats and events, and promote ways to mitigate cybersecurity risks at FCA.

a. What are the most critical cybersecurity risks facing the System and Farmer Mac?

b. How can those risks be mitigated?

5. Maintain FCA’s status as a best place to work in the federal government by implementing strategic workforce initiatives.

a. What best practices could FCA consider to enhance the employee experience?

b. What best practices could FCA consider to support managers and employees with working effectively in a hybrid work environment?

How we will use your feedback

Your responses to this request will provide valuable insight as we develop our strategic plan for fiscal years 2022 to 2026. It will give us third-party perspectives on how we, as the regulator of the Farm Credit System and Farmer Mac, can fulfill our public mission. 

As we think about our priorities and actions, we will consider recommendations and suggestions we receive. In some instances, we may contact respondents for follow-up information. Please let us know, in your response, if you do not wish to be contacted for follow-up.


Thank you for considering this request for information. If you have questions about the request, please contact Patrina M. Clark, Deputy Director, Office of Agency Services, at [email protected] or 703-883-4136.

Note: This request is a general solicitation of comments and does not impose information collection requirements. In accordance with 5 CFR 1320.3(h)(4), this general solicitation is exempt from the requirements of the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995. Facts or opinions submitted in response to general solicitations of comments from the public are not generally considered information collections and are therefore not subject to the Paperwork Reduction Act. This is true regardless of the form or format of the solicitations, provided that no person is required to supply specific information pertaining to the commenter, other than that which is necessary for self-identification, as a condition of the agency's full consideration.

Page updated: November 08, 2021