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Frequently Asked Questions

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General information about FCA Risk identification Similar entity reporting Operating and strategic business planning for diversity and inclusion Flood insurance Stress testing expectations Borrower rights Collateral evaluations Disclosure and reporting rule Governance changes in 2006

Operating and strategic business planning for diversity and inclusion

We have developed the following FAQs to answer the most common questions we receive from Farm Credit System institutions regarding the business planning rule. Since System institutions are the primary audience for these FAQs, we are treating the questions and answers as a dialog between us (FCA) and you (the System institutions). These FAQs do not address all situations institutions may encounter nor all diversity and inclusion best practices. Over time, we may update these FAQs based on feedback we receive. Note: These FAQs are based on the preamble that the FCA board adopted to explain the business planning rule. We urge you to review the preamble, and the provisions of the rule that are referenced in these FAQs, for a complete understanding of the regulation. The preamble was published in the Federal Register at 77 FR 25577, on May 1, 2012.


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