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Recruiting Schedule for Fall 2015

FCA recruiters will be visiting career fairs in several states this fall in search of smart, motivated people to train as examiners. If you are interested in working for FCA, make arrangements to attend one of the career fairs in the table below. Our recruiters will be happy to talk with you to discuss what FCA can offer you and what you can offer FCA.

Note: Schedules sometimes change at the last minute. Before traveling to a given event, please contact the university a few days ahead to confirm that FCA representatives will be present.




Type of Event

9/10/15 Oklahoma State University Stillwater, OK Ag Career Fair
9/10/15 Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA Business Career Fair
9/16/15 North Carolina A&T State University Greensboro, NC General Career Fair
9/17/15 Virginia Tech University Blacksburg, VA Business Career Fair
9/18/15 University of Maryland, College Park College Park, MD Business Career Fair
9/22/15 Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO Ag Career Fair
9/22/15 Mississippi State University Starkville, MS General Career Fair
9/22/15 North Dakota State University Fargo, ND Ag Career Fair
9/23/15 Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO Business Career Fair
9/23/15 Virginia State University Petersburg, VA Business Career Fair
9/23/15 Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO General Career Fair
9/24/15 Hampton University Hampton, VA General Career Fair
9/24/15 University of Minnesota St. Paul, MN Business Career Fair
9/24/15 National Black MBA Conference Orlando, FL Diversity Career Fair
9/29/15 Texas A&M University College Station, TX Ag Career Fair
9/30/15 Florida A&M University Tallahassee, FL General Career Fair
9/30/15 Texas Tech University Lubbock, TX Business Career Fair
9/30/15 University of Minnesota St. Paul, MN Ag Career Fair
10/1/15 Tuskegee University Tuskegee, AL General Career Fair
10/1/15 Ohio State University Columbus, OH Ag Career Fair
10/2/15 North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC Business Career Fair
10/6/15 California State University, Sacramento Sacramento, CA General Career Fair
10/8/15 George Mason University Fairfax, VA General Career Fair
10/12/15 Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Miami, FL Diversity Career Fair
10/14/15 Morgan State University Baltimore, MD General Career Fair
10/14/15 California State University, Bakersfield Bakersfield, CA General Career Fair
10/14/15 University of California, Davis Davis, CA General Career Fair
10/16/15 Latinos In Agriculture Grapevine, TX Diversity Career Fair
10/20/15 Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA Ag Career Fair
10/20/15 Iowa State University Ames, IA Ag Career Fair
10/21/15 Oregon State University Corvallis, OR General Career Fair
10/28/15 Bowie State University Bowie, MD General Career Fair
11/13/15 Equal Opportunity Publications Career Expo Washington, DC Diversity Career Fair