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The FCA Board manages, administers, and establishes policies for FCA. The Board approves the policies, regulations, charters, and examination and enforcement activities that ensure a strong FCS. The Board also provides for the examination and supervision of the FCS, including Farmer Mac, and oversees the activities of the FCS Building Association, which acquires, manages, and maintains FCA headquarters and field office facilities. Dallas P. Tonsager is the Board Chairman. 

The Chairman of the FCA Board serves as the chief executive officer (CEO). The CEO enforces the rules, regulations, and orders of the FCA Board. He or she directs the implementation of policies and regulations adopted by the FCA Board. The Office of the Chief Executive Officer plans, organizes, directs, coordinates, and controls FCA's day-to-day operations and leads the Agency’s efforts to achieve and manage a diverse workforce. Dallas P. Tonsager is the CEO.

The Chief Operating Officer has broad responsibility for planning, directing, and controlling the operations of the Offices of Management Services, Examination, Regulatory Policy, and General Counsel in accordance with the operating philosophy and policies of the FCA Board. He or she supervises and provides policy direction to the executive staff responsible for managing these offices. The COO oversees and coordinates the development and implementation of the Agency-wide Strategic, Operating, and Budget plans and activities. The COO also coordinates the resolution of internal policy, personnel, and program issues with Agency executive leadership and the FCA Board. William J. Hoffman is the Chief Operating Officer.

The Office of Agency Services, which was created in April 2016, manages human capital and administrative services for the agency. This includes providing the following services to the agency: staffing and placement, job evaluation, compensation and benefits, payroll administration, performance management and awards, employee relations, employee training and development, contracting, acquisitions, records and property management, supply services, agency purchase cards, design, publication, and mail service. A. Jerome Fowlkes serves as the Chief Human Capital Officer and the Director of the Office of Agency Services.

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer, which was created in April 2016, manages and delivers timely, accurate, and reliable financial services to the agency. The office establishes financial policies and procedures and oversees the formulation and execution of the agency's budget. The office reports periodically on the status of the agency's financial position, results of operations, and budgetary resources. It also oversees the agency's travel management, internal controls, and personnel security programs. Stephen G. Smith serves as both the Chief Financial Officer and the Director of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer.

The Office of Congressional and Public Affairs (OCPA) serves as the Agency’s principal point of contact for Congress, the media, other Government agencies, FCS institutions, employees, System borrowers, and the public. OCPA develops and monitors legislation pertinent to FCA and the FCS, serves as the Agency’s congressional liaison, facilitates intergovernmental relations, and prepares testimony for the Chairman and other Board members. The office also provides information to external audiences through news releases, fact sheets, reports, and other publications. It cultivates relationships with media representatives who report on matters related to agriculture and rural credit, and it manages the content of the FCA website. OCPA also organizes special meetings, briefings for international visitors, and field hearings. Michael Stokke is Director of OCPA.

The Office of Examination is responsible for examining and supervising each FCS institution in accordance with the Farm Credit Act and applicable regulations. The office develops oversight plans; conducts examinations; monitors the System’s condition and current and emerging risks to the System; and develops supervisory strategies to ensure that the FCS operates in a safe and sound manner, complies with the law and regulations, and fulfills its public policy purpose. For more information about the role of the Office of Examination, go to www.fca.gov/law/guidance.html and click View Board Policy Statements to read "Examination Policy" (FCA-PS-53). S. Robert Coleman is Director of the Office of Examination.

The Office of General Counsel (OGC) provides the FCA Board and staff with legal counsel as well as guidance on the Farm Credit Act and general corporate, personnel, ethics, and administrative matters. OGC supports the Agency’s development and promulgation of regulations, enforcement of applicable laws and regulations, and implementation of conservatorships and receiverships. The office represents and advises the Agency on civil litigation. It also serves as the liaison to the Federal Register, administers the Agency’s ethics program, and handles Freedom of Information Act requests. Charles R. Rawls is Director of the Office of General Counsel.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT), which was created in June 2015, manages and delivers the Agency's information technology, data analysis infrastructure, and the security supporting Agency technology resources. The office is responsible for the planning and control of information technology investments and leading change to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Agency operations. OIT is responsible for continuing to leverage FCA's investment in technology by collaborating across Agency offices to identify and re-engineer business processes. OIT provides strategies to collaborate across offices on business intelligence tools to develop analysis models to meet the strategic needs of the agency. Jerald Golley serves as both the Chief Information Officer of FCA and as Director of the Office of Information Technology.

The Office of Inspector General provides independent and objective oversight of Agency programs and operations through audits, inspections, evaluations, investigations, and the review of proposed legislation and regulations. The office promotes economy and efficiency within FCA and seeks to prevent and detect fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement in the Agency’s programs and operations. Wendy R. Laguarda is Director of the Office of the Inspector General.

The Office of Regulatory Policy manages policy and regulation development activities that ensure the safety and soundness of the FCS and support the System's mission. Policy and regulation development activities include the analysis of policy and strategic risks to the System on the basis of economic trends and other risk factors. The office also evaluates all regulatory and statutory prior approvals for System institutions on behalf of the FCA Board, including chartering and other corporate approvals as well as funding approvals. Gary K. Van Meter is Director of the Office of Regulatory Policy.

The Office of Secondary Market Oversight provides for the examination, regulation, and supervision of the activities of Farmer Mac to ensure its safety and soundness and the accomplishment of its public policy purpose as authorized by Congress. It also ensures that Farmer Mac complies with applicable laws and regulations, and it manages FCA’s enforcement activities with respect to Farmer Mac. Laurie A. Rea is Director of the Office of Secondary Market Oversight.

The Secretary to the Board serves as the Parliamentarian for the Board and keeps permanent and complete records of the acts and proceedings of the Board. He or she ensures that the Board complies with statutory, regulatory, and internal operation reporting requirements. The Secretary to the Board also serves as Secretary to the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation Board. In addition, he or she serves as the Sunshine Act Official for the FCA Board. Dale L. Aultman is the Secretary to the Board.

The Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Inclusion manages and directs the Agency-wide Diversity, Inclusion, and Equal Employment Opportunity Program for FCA and FCSIC. The office serves as the chief liaison with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Office of Personnel Management on all EEO, diversity, and inclusion issues. The office provides counsel and leadership to Agency management to carry out its continuing policy and program of nondiscrimination, affirmative action, and diversity. Thais Burlew is Director of the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Inclusion.

The Designated Agency Ethics Official is designated by the FCA Chairman to administer the provisions of title I of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended, to coordinate and manage FCA's ethics program and to provide liaison to the Office of Government Ethics with regard to all aspects of FCA's ethics program. Philip J. Shebest is the Designated Agency Ethics Official.

Page Updated: August 23, 2017