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The Farm Credit Administration is a great place to work. According to the 2011 Best Places to Work survey by the Partnership for Public Service and the American University Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation, FCA is ranked as the fifth best place to work among small agencies in the Federal Government.

FCA allows its employees to use and develop their skills, compensates them well for good work, and recognizes that they do have lives outside the office. At FCA, the work environment is relaxed, but expectations are high. We need people who work hard, work well with others, and like to learn. Our salaries are competitive, and our benefits package will impress you.

While the Agency also hires attorneys, information technology specialists, and other professionals from time to time, the majority of FCA employees are examiners. Go to About Your Career as an FCA Examiner to learn what our examiners do, the qualifications you need to become an FCA examiner, and the training and career development opportunities FCA examiners receive.

Also, go to Meet Our Employees to learn directly from examiners and former examiners what it is like to work at FCA.