Title: FINAL RULE; CORRECTION--Loan Policies and Operations; Correction--12 CFR Part 614
Issue Date: 12/07/1990
Agency: FCA
Federal Register Cite: 55 FR 50544

12 CFR Part 614

RIN 3052-AA94

Loan Policies and Operations; Correction

ACTION: Final rule; correction.

SUMMARY: The Farm Credit Administration (FCA) is correcting an error that appeared in the final rule that amended the regulation setting forth lending authorities and lending requirements for Farm Credit banks and associations, reconciling, where necessary the authorities of institutions created under the restructuring provisions of the Agricultural Credit Act of 1987. The final rule appeared in the Federal Register on June 19, 1990 (55 FR 24861).

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 30, 1990.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Cindy R. Nicholson, Paralegal Specialist, Office of General Counsel, Farm Credit Administration, McLean, Virginia 22102-5090, (703) 883-4020, TDD (703) 833-4444.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: In preparing the final rule for publication in the Federal Register, the word "term" was omitted from the introductory paragraph of 614.4233.


Subpart E -- Loan Terms and Conditions

1. On page 24885, third column, in the introductory paragraph of 614.4233, the word "term" was inadvertently omitted. Section 614.4233, introductory text is corrected to read as follows:

614.4233 International loans.

Term loans by banks for cooperatives and agricultural credit banks under the authority of section 3.7(b) of the Act to foreign or domestic parties to finance export or import transactions with a voting stockholder of the bank and loans to a foreign or domestic party in which a voting stockholder of the bank has at least a minimum ownership interest to facilitate such transactions shall be subject to the conditions of paragraphs (a), (b), and (c) of this section.

* * * * *

Dated: December 3, 1990.

Curtis M. Anderson,

Secretary, Farm Credit Administration Board.

[FR Doc. 90-28753 Filed 12-6-90; 8:45 am]