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For Immediate Release
NR 12-02 (02-09-12)
Contact: Mike Stokke or Christine Quinn, 703-883-4056
FCA Board Approves Spring 2012 Unified Agenda, Regulatory Performance Plan

McLEAN, Va., February 9, 2012 — The Farm Credit Administration (FCA) Board today approved the abstract of its spring 2012 submission for the Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions and the Spring 2012 Regulatory Performance Plan.

FCA’s Unified Agenda submission identifies the FCA Board’s regulatory priorities for the next 15 months. The submission identifies 19 rulemaking items that FCA is considering:

FCA’s Unified Agenda submission also includes the following:
The information in FCA’s submission will be included in the official Unified Regulatory Agenda, which is published semiannually on the Internet at

The Regulatory Performance Plan shows only the reviews and actions that are projected to occur over the next 12 months, and it is posted on the FCA website at

During the closed session of the meeting, the Board received a quarterly report from the Office of Secondary Market Oversight.

Notational Votes
Since the January 12, 2011, FCA Board meeting, two notational votes have occurred. Notational votes are actions the FCA Board takes between Board meetings.

The Farm Credit Administration is the safety and soundness regulator of the cooperative Farm Credit System and the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (Farmer Mac). FCA charters, regulates, and examines the 95 banks, associations, service corporations and special-purpose entities of the Farm Credit System, which makes loans to agricultural producers and their cooperatives nationwide. This includes Farmer Mac, which provides a secondary market for agricultural real estate loans, rural housing mortgage loans, and certain rural utility loans. Members of the FCA Board are Leland A. Strom, Chairman and CEO; Kenneth A. Spearman; and Jill Long Thompson.

Note: FCA news releases are available on the Web at