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2008 FCA News Releases
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12/16/2008Farm Credit Administration Names Director of Congressional and Public Affairs
12/08/2008FCA Board Approves Final Rule to Adjust Civil Money Penalties
11/13/2008FCA Board Adopts Market Emergency Standby Resolution
11/13/2008Statement from FCA Chairman Leland A. Strom
10/09/2008FCA Board Adopts Proposed Rule on Disclosure and Accounting Requirements
10/01/2008Statement from FCA Chairman Leland A. Strom
10/01/2008FCA Receives Quarter-End Capital Number from Farmer Mac
09/11/2008FCA Board Approves Bookletter on Director Candidate Disclosures
08/14/2008FCA Board Approves the Fall 2008 Unified Agenda and Regulatory Performance Plan
07/10/2008FCA Board Considers Impact of Midwest Flooding on the Farm Credit System
07/09/2008Mark McBeth Named Top Aide to Farm Credit Administration Chairman
07/02/2008William Hoffman Named Chief Operating Officer for Farm Credit Administration
06/24/2008FCA Commends Farm Credit System for Working with Borrowers Affected by Midwest Floods
06/12/2008FCS Lending to Young, Beginning, and Small Farmers Remains Solid
05/30/2008Leland Strom Is Designated as Chairman and CEO of the Farm Credit Administration
05/08/2008FCA Board Adopts a Proposed Rule to Authorize FCS Institutions to Make Rural Community Investments
04/10/2008FCA Board Issues a Final Rule Amending the Criteria that Processing and Marketing Operations Must Meet to Qualify for FCS Financing
03/21/2008Agencies Release Proposed Revisions to Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Flood Insurance
03/13/2008FCA Board Approves Proposed Revisions to “Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Flood Insurance”
02/14/2008FCA Board Identifies Conditions Warranting Referral to the FCA Regulatory Enforcement Committee
01/10/2008FCA Board Hears Auditor’s Report on FCA’s FY 2007/2006 Financial Statements
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