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Regulation/Policy/Bookletter:HM-04-5 Systematic Collection of Standardized Loan Data
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1. Promote safety and soundness? 4. Establish standards that are clear and easily understood?
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3. Have a well-defined objective and address specifically identified risks? 6. Promote consistency with the policy positions of other financial institution regulations where possible?

The FCA is committed to a regulatory philosophy that emphasizes safety and soundness concerns, and minimizes unnecessary regulatory burdens (see the Board Policy Statement on Regulatory Philosophy FCA-PS-59). As part of the federal government's continuing efforts to reduce regulatory burden, the FCA is soliciting input from the public regarding its regulations. When commenting on these regulations, the FCA would appreciate your including a response to the above questions.

You may also submit electronic comments to, or fax them to Gary Van Meter at (703) 883-4477. Mr. Van Meter may be contacted at (703) 883-4498, TTY users please dial (703) 883-4434.