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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart L - Establishment of Minimum Capital Ratios for an Individual Institution

615.5350 General--Applicability.
(a) The rules and procedures specified in this subpart are applicable to a proceeding to establish required minimum capital ratios that would otherwise be applicable to an institution under 615.5205, 615.5330, and 615.5335. The Farm Credit Administration is authorized to establish such minimum capital requirements for an institution as the Farm Credit Administration, in its discretion, deems to be necessary or appropriate in light of the particular circumstances of the institution. Proceedings under this subpart also may be initiated to require an institution having capital ratios greater than those set forth in 615.5205, 615.5330, or 615.5335 to continue to maintain those higher ratios.
(b) The Farm Credit Administration may require higher minimum capital ratios for an individual institution in view of its circumstances. For example, higher capital ratios may be appropriate for:
(1) An institution receiving special supervisory attention;
(2) An institution that has, or is expected to have, losses resulting in capital inadequacy;
(3) An institution with significant exposure due to operational risk, interest rate risk, the risks from concentrations of credit, certain risks arising from other products, services, or related activities, or management's overall inability to monitor and control financial risks presented by concentrations of credit and related services activities;
(4) An institution exposed to a high volume of, or particularly severe, problem loans;
(5) An institution that is growing rapidly; or
(6) An institution that may be adversely affected by the activities or condition of System institutions with which it has significant business relationships or in which it has significant investments.
(7) An institution with significant exposures to declines in net income or in the market value of its capital due to a change in interest rates and/or the exercising of embedded or explicit options.

[62 FR 4449, Jan. 30, 1997, as amended at 63 FR 39229, July 22, 1998]

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