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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart D - Reports of Condition and Performance and Accounts and Exposures

621.12 Reports of condition and performance.
(a) Each institution, including the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation, shall prepare and file such reports of condition and performance as may be required by the Farm Credit Administration.
(b) Reports of condition and performance shall be filed four times each year, and at such other times as the Farm Credit Administration may require. The reports shall be prepared on the accrual basis of accounting and shall fairly represent the financial condition and performance of each institution at the end of, and over the period of, each calendar quarter, provided that such additional reports as may be necessary to ensure timely, complete, and accurate monitoring and evaluation of the affairs, condition, and performance of Farm Credit institutions may be required, as determined by the Chief Examiner, Farm Credit Administration.
(c) All reports of condition and performance shall be submitted electronically in accordance with the instructions prescribed by the Farm Credit Administration and located on its Web site.

[58 FR 48780, Sept. 20, 1993, as amended at 74 FR 28600, June 17, 2009; 78 FR 77562, Dec. 24, 2013]

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