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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart E - Distressed Loan Restructuring; State Agricultural Loan Mediation Programs

617.7420 How will a decision on an application for restructuring be issued?
(a) When must a qualified lender make a decision on an application for restructuring? Each qualified lender must provide a written decision on an application for restructuring and provide this decision to the borrower within 15 days from the conclusion of the negotiations used to develop the application for restructuring.
(b) How does a qualified lender notify the borrower of the decision? On reaching a decision on an application for restructuring, the qualified lender must provide written notice in any manner that requires a primary obligor to acknowledge receipt of the lender’s decision. In the case of a loan involving one or more primary obligors, the original notice may be provided to the primary obligor identified to receive such notice, with copies provided by regular mail to the other obligors.
(c) What notice is required if the restructuring request is denied? When an application for restructuring is denied, the notice must include:
(1) The specific reason(s) for the denial and any critical assumptions and relevant information on which the specific reasons are based, except that any confidential information shall not be disclosed;
(2) A statement that the borrower may request a review of the denial;
(3) A statement that any request for review must be made in writing within 7 days after receiving such notice.
(4) A brief explanation of the process for seeking review of the denial, including the appraisal review process and the right to appear before the CRC, pursuant to 617.7310 of this part, accompanied by counsel or any other representative, if the borrower chooses.

[69 FR 10911, Mar. 9, 2004]

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