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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart G - Mergers, Consolidations, and Charter Amendments of Associations

611.1120 General authority.
(a) An amendment to an association charter may relate to any provision that is properly the subject of a charter, including, but not limited to, the name of the association, the location of its offices, or the territory served.
(b) The Farm Credit Administration may make changes in the charter of an association as may be requested by that association and approved by the Farm Credit Administration pursuant to 611.1121 of this part.
(c) The Farm Credit Administration may, by order of the Chairman and on its own initiative, make changes in the charter of a Federal land bank association or a production credit association where the Chairman determines that the change is necessary for the accomplishment of the purposes of the Act.

[50 FR 20400, May 16, 1985, as amended at 51 FR 41945, Nov. 20, 1986]

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