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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart G - Right of First Refusal

617.7600 What are the definitions used in this subpart?
In addition to the definitions in 617.7000, the following definitions apply to this subpart.
Acquired agricultural real estate or property means agricultural real estate acquired by a System institution as a result of a loan foreclosure or a voluntary conveyance by a borrower who, as determined by the institution, does not have the financial resources to avoid foreclosure.
Previous owner means:
(1) The prior record owner who was a borrower from a System institution and did not have the financial resources, as determined by the institution, to avoid foreclosure on acquired agricultural real estate; or
(2) The prior record owner who is not a borrower and whose acquired agricultural real estate was used as collateral for a loan to a System borrower.
System institution means a Farm Credit System institution, except a bank for cooperatives, which makes loans as defined in 617.7000.

[69 FR 10912, Mar. 9, 2004]

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