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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart B - General Rules

621.5 Accounting for the allowance for loan losses and chargeoffs.
Each institution shall:
(a) Maintain at all times an allowance for loan losses that is determined according to generally accepted accounting principles.
(b) Develop, adopt, and consistently apply policies and procedures governing the establishment and maintenance of the allowance for loan losses which, at a minimum, conform to the rules, definitions, and standards set forth in this part and any other applicable requirements.
(c) Charge-off loans, wholly or partially, as appropriate, at the time they are determined to be uncollectible.
(d) Ensure that when an institution or the Farm Credit Administration determines that the value of a loan or other asset recorded on its books and records exceeds the amount that can reasonably be expected to be collectible, or when the documentation supporting the recorded asset value is inadequate, the institution shall immediately charge off the asset in the amount determined to be uncollectible. If the amount determined to be uncollectible by the institution is different from the amount determined to be uncollectible by the Farm Credit Administration, the institution shall charge off such amount as the Farm Credit Administration shall direct.

[58 FR 48780, Sept. 20, 1993; 74 FR 28600, June 17, 2009]

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