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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart C - Bank/Association Lending Relationship

614.4120 Policies governing extensions of credit to direct lender associations and OFIs.
The board of directors of each Farm Credit Bank and agricultural credit bank shall adopt policies and procedures governing the making of direct loans to and the discounting of loans for direct lender associations and OFIs. The policies and procedures shall prescribe lending policies and loan underwriting standards that are consistent with sound financial and credit practices. The policies shall require a periodic review of the lending relationship with each direct lender association and OFI at intervals consistent with the term of the general financing agreement but in no case longer than 5 years. The policies shall require an evaluation of the creditworthiness of a direct lender association on the basis of credit factors and lending policies and loan underwriting standards set forth in part 614, subpart D, and may permit lending to such an institution on an unsecured basis only if the overall condition of the institution warrants. The stated term of a general financing agreement shall not exceed 5 years but may be automatically renewable for additional terms not to exceed 5 years if neither party objects at the time of renewal. The term of any general financing agreement that provides for unsecured lending to a direct lender association shall not exceed 1 year and may not be automatically renewed.

[63 FR 5724, Feb. 4, 1998]

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