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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart F - Collateral Evaluation Requirements

614.4265 Real property evaluations.
(a) Real estate shall be valued on the basis of market value.
(b) Market value shall be determined by a reasonable valuation method that:
(1) Considers the income capitalization approach, the sales comparison approach, and/or the cost approach, as appropriate, to determine market value;
(2) Explains and documents the elimination of any approach not used.
(3) Reconciles the market values of the applicable approaches; and
(c) At a minimum, the institution shall develop and document the evaluation of the income and debt servicing capacity for the property and operation where the transaction value exceeds $250,000 and the real estate taken as collateral:
(1) Is an integral part of and supports the principal source of loan repayment; or
(2) Is not an integral part of and does not support the principal source of loan repayment, but has demonstrable rental market appeal, is statutorily required, and fully or partially constitutes an integral part of an agricultural or aquatic operation.
(d) The income-earning and debt-servicing capacity established under paragraph (c) of this section on such properties shall be documented as part of the credit analysis for any related loan action, whether or not the income capitalization approach value is used as the basis for the market value conclusion stated in the evaluation report.
(e) Collateral closely aligned with, an integral part of, and normally sold with real estate (fixtures) may be included in the value of the real estate. All other collateral associated with the real estate, but designated as personal property, shall be evaluated as personal property in accordance with 614.4250 and 614.4266.
(f) The evaluation shall properly identify all nonagricultural influences, including, but not limited to, urban development, mineral deposits, and commercial building development value, and the reasoning supporting the evaluator's highest and best-use conclusion.
(g) Where an evaluation of real property is completed by a fee appraiser, as defined in 614.4240(g), the institution's standards shall include provisions for periodic collateral inspections performed by the institution's account officer or appropriate designee.

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