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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart E - Transfer of Authorities

611.520 Plan of transfer.
The transfer of authorities and assets, as appropriate, shall occur pursuant to a written plan which shall be agreed to by the bank and the association involved. The written plan shall include the following:
(a) An explanation of the value of the equity ownership as of the last monthend held by stockholders of the bank and the association and the impact, if any, of the transfer on the value of that equity.
(b) If the plan provides for a transfer of assets, a description of the terms and conditions upon which such transfer will occur, including, but not limited to, any warranties or representations regarding the value of such assets.
(c) A description of how the association would obtain loan funds after the transfer.
(d) A statement on how the expenses connected with the transfer are to be borne by the affected parties.
(e) A statement of any conditions which must be satisfied prior to the effective date of the transfer, including but not limited to approval by stockholders and approval by the Farm Credit Administration.
(f) A statement that prior to the effective date of the transfer the board of directors of the bank or the association may rescind its resolution and void the transfer, with the concurrence of the Farm Credit Administration, on the basis that:
(1) The information disclosed to stockholders contained material errors or omissions:
(2) Material misrepresentations were made to stockholders regarding the impact of the transfer;
(3) Fraudulent activities were used to obtain the stockholder's approval; or,
(4) An event occurred between the time of the vote and the transfer that would have a significant adverse impact on the future viability of the association.
(g) A designation of those persons who have authority to carry out the plan of transfer, including the authority to execute any documents necessary to perfect title, on behalf of the bank and the association.

[53 FR 50393, Dec. 15, 1988]

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