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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart D - Other Funding

615.5120 Purchase eligibility requirement.
(a) Limitations. Eligibility to purchase Farm Credit Investment Bonds shall be limited to members and employees of the Farm Credit banks and associations, except any bank officers, directors, and employees who are involved in setting the term or rate, to retired employees who are beneficiaries of a pension or retirement program of the Farm Credit banks or associations, and to retired employees of the Farm Credit Administration. A member of a Farm Credit association or a bank for cooperatives need not be an active borrower to be eligible. A member of any Farm Credit institution may purchase investment bonds from any of the institutions in the district which offer the purchase program. Patrons, members, employees, or stockholder of other financing institutions discounting loans with a Farm Credit Bank or agricultural credit bank or of any legal entity which is a borrower from any Farm Credit institution as such are ineligible as they are not members of a Farm Credit institution. Stock or participation certificates shall not be sold merely to qualify a party for the purchase of Farm Credit Investment Bonds. For purposes of this section "member" means a stockholder or participation certificate holder who acquired stock or participation certificates to obtain a loan, to purchase stock for investment or to qualify for other services of the association or bank. A person who assumes a loan is not a member unless he becomes a stockholder or participation certificate holder in connection with that loan. Employee means a regular full-time employee of a Farm Credit bank or association. Retired employee means a retiree who is a direct beneficiary of a pension or retirement program of a Farm Credit bank or association or the Farm Credit Administration under civil service retirement.
(b) Form and ownership. Farm Credit Investment Bonds are registered bonds issued in definitive or book-entry form depending on investor preference. The registration used must express the actual ownership of an interest in the bond and will be considered by the issuing institution as conclusive of such ownership and interest. No designation of an attorney, agent, or other representative to request or receive payment on behalf of the owner or co-owner, nor any restriction on the right of the owner or co-owner to receive payment of the bond or interest, except as provided in this section may be made in the registration or otherwise. Registrations requested in applications for the purchase shall be clear, accurate, complete, and conform with one of the registration provisions set forth in this section, and include the appropriate taxpayer identifying number. Registrations requested will be inscribed on the face of the bond if in definitive form or on the confirmation of investment if in book-entry form. The following provisions shall apply for registration of Farm Credit Investment Bonds:
(1) In all cases the member's name (whether a natural person, fiduciary, or legal entity) or employee's name must appear as owner of the bond.
(2) A bond may be registered in the name of a fiduciary only if the fiduciary is in fact the member.
(3) A member or employee may not use a form of registration (such as a gift to a minor, irrevocable trust, etc.) which would divest himself of ownership. However, a minor may be named as co-owner or beneficiary.
(4) If a member is a natural person, a second natural person, member or nonmember, may be named as co-owner or beneficiary. Co-ownership may not involve a fiduciary or private organization.
(5) In the co-ownership form the connective "or" shall serve the same purpose as "joint tenants with right of survivorship."

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