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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart H - Loan Purchases and Sales

614.4330 Loan participations.
Agreements to purchase or sell a participation interest shall be subject to the provisions of 614.4325 of this subpart, and, in addition, shall satisfy the requirements of this section.
(a) Participation agreements. Agreements to purchase or sell a participation interest in a loan shall, in addition to meeting the requirements of 614.4325(d) of this subpart, at a minimum:
(1) Define the duties and responsibilities of the participating institution and the lead lender, and/or the servicing institution, if different from the lead lender.
(2) Provide for loan servicing and monitoring of the servicer;
(3) Set forth authorization and conditions for action in the event of borrower distress or default;
(4) Provide for sharing of risk;
(5) Set forth conditions for the offering and acceptance of the loan participation and termination of the agreement;
(6) Provide for sharing of fees, interest charges, and costs between participating institutions;
(7) Provide for a method of resolution of disagreements arising under the agreement between two or more institutions;
(8) Specify whether the contract is assignable by either party; and
(9) Provide for the issuance of certificates evidencing a participation interest in a loan.
(b) Intrasystem participations. Loans participated between or among Farm Credit System institutions shall meet the borrower eligibility, membership, loan term, loan amount, loan security, and stock purchase requirements of the originating lender.

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