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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart C - Bank/Association Lending Relationship

614.4130 Funding and discount relationships between Farm Credit Banks or agricultural credit banks and OFIs.
(a) A Farm Credit Bank or agricultural credit bank shall not advance funds to, or discount loans for, an OFI, as defined in 611.1205 of this chapter, except pursuant to a general financing agreement.
(b) The Farm Credit Bank or agricultural credit bank shall deliver a copy of the executed general financing agreement and all related documents, such as a promissory note or security agreement, and all amendments of any of these documents, within 10 business days after any such document or amendment is executed, to the Chief Examiner, Farm Credit Administration, or to the Farm Credit Administration office that the Chief Examiner designates.
(c) The total credit extended to the OFI, through direct loan or discounts, shall be consistent with the Farm Credit Bank’s or agricultural credit bank’s lending policies and loan underwriting standards and the creditworthiness of the OFI. The general financing agreement or promissory note shall establish a maximum credit limit determined by objective standards as established by the Farm Credit Bank or agricultural credit bank.

[63 FR 5724, Feb. 4, 1998, as amended at 67 FR 17917, Apr. 12, 2002]

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