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Notice of Petition - "Compensation, Retirement Programs and Related Benefits"

Type: Regulation
Federal Register Document Type: Notice
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The 566 comment letters FCA has received about this item are listed below. The letters may be sorted by Date, by Sender or by Organization. Double-click on a comment letter to open it.

By Organization
OrganizationLetter DateSender
AgChoice Farm Credit04/19/2013Dennis B. Spangler
1st Farm Credit04/18/2013David Keller
1st Farm Credit Services04/18/2013Jeffrey Austman
1st Farm Credit Services04/18/2013Clinton V. Brown
1st Farm Credit Services04/19/2013Mike Pratt
1st Farm Credit Services04/20/2013John C. Schmitt
1st Farm Credit Services04/21/2013John Baylor
1st Farm Credit Services04/21/2013Larry Fischer
1st Farm Credit Services04/22/2013Steve Cowser
1st Farm Credit Services04/19/2013Steve Cowser
Adon Farms04/09/2013Andrew J. Gilbert
Ag New Mexico Farm Credit04/11/2013Frank Shelton
AgCarolina Farm Credit04/15/2013S. Stuart Pierce Jr. and B. Derek Potter
AgCountry Farm Credit Services, ACA04/10/2013Michael A. Long
AgCredit ACA04/15/2013Neil L. Jordan
AgCredit, ACA04/15/2013S. Jerry Layman
AgFirst Farm Credit Bank04/17/2013Robert H. Sspiers and William H. Voss
AgHeritage Farm Credit Services04/17/2013Michael Taylor
AgPreference ACA04/19/2013Joe T. Kelly
AgPreference ACA04/22/2013Cecil H. Sheperson
AgSouth Farm Credit ACA04/18/2013Arthur Q. Black
AgStar Financial Services, ACA04/18/2013Spencer Enninga
AgTexas Farm Credit Services04/15/2013James Ray Schronk
AgTexas Farm Credit Services04/15/2013Tony Crumpton
AgTexas Farm Credit Services04/15/2013Royce Lesley
AgTexas Farm Credit Services04/15/2013Kinley Sorrells
AgTexas Farm Credit Services04/15/2013Danny Klinefelter
AgTexas Farm Credit Services04/15/2013Ronald Luker
Alabama Farm Credit04/19/2013Loyd Rutherford and K. Ben Gore
American AgCredit04/18/2013George Fontes and others
American AgCredit04/16/2013Kirvin Knox
American AgCredit04/16/2013John Caldwell
American AgCredit04/16/2013Joe Schoonover
American AgCredit04/16/2013Dennis Williams
American AgCredit04/16/2013Charles Talbott
American AgCredit04/16/2013Mary Borba Parente
American AgCredit04/16/2013Jerold L. Harris
American AgCredit04/16/2013Eric Allen
American AgCredit04/16/2013Clinton Eck
American AgCredit04/16/2013Peter Bulthuis
American AgCredit04/16/2013James R. Boyd
American AgCredit04/16/2013Thomas Teixeira
American AgCredit04/16/2013Dennis Cakebread
American AgCredit04/16/2013Gregory Ringler
American AgCredit04/16/2013Frank Stonebarger
American AgCredit04/16/2013David Santos
American AgCredit04/16/2013John Engelland
American AgCredit04/16/2013Alan List
American AgCredit04/16/2013Jim Cooksey
ArborOne Farm Credit04/17/2013James M. Ward and Harry DuRant
Badgerland Financial04/18/2013Tim Evert and others
Black Brook Farm04/16/2013Henry Adams III
Capital Farm Credit04/16/2013Phillip Munden
Carolina Farm Credit04/19/2013Joseph A. Lail and Clark M. Newlin
Central Texas Farm Credit, ACA03/26/2013Jerry Don Klose
Central Texas Farm Credit, ACA04/14/2013Jerry Don Klose
Central Texas Farm Credit, ACA04/17/2013Burl Lowery
Central Texas Farm Credit, ACA04/17/2013Philip W. Hinds
Central Texas Farm Credit, ACA04/17/2013A. Wayland Shurley
Central Texas Farm Credit, ACA04/17/2013Mike Finlay
Central Texas Farm Credit, ACA04/17/2013Mickey D. Dillard
CoBank04/12/2013Scott Whittington
CoBank04/22/2013Alarik Myrin
CoBank04/22/2013Robert B. Engel
Colonial Farm Credit04/15/2013L. Wayne Kirby
Double 'R' Hop Ranches, Inc.04/10/2013Kevin G. Riel
Farm Credit Bank of Texas04/22/2013James F. Dodson
Farm Credit Council04/14/2014Charles Dana
Farm Credit East04/09/2013Ann P. Hudson
Farm Credit East04/09/2013Samuel G. Conard
Farm Credit East04/10/2013June W. Hoeflich
Farm Credit Mid-America04/26/2013D. Kevin Cox
Farm Credit of Enid, ACA04/11/2013Lyndal Skaggs and Kyle Hohmann
Farm Credit of Florida04/12/2013Greg Cuningham
Farm Credit of Maine04/18/2013Hank McPherson and Raymond J. Nowak
Farm Credit of Ness City04/17/2013Bill Briggs and others
Farm Credit of New Mexico04/18/2013Alfred E. Porter, Jr.
Farm Credit of Southern Colorado04/15/2013Keith James
Farm Credit of the Virginias04/19/2013Barry Shelor
Farm Credit of Western Kansas, ACA04/17/2013Mitch Gillespie
Farm Credit Services of America04/18/2013John Reisch
Farm Credit Services of America04/19/2013Robert Bruxvoort and Margaret Doyle
Farm Credit Services of East Central Oklahoma, ACA04/16/2013Brian Knowles
Farm Credit Services of East Central Oklahoma, ACA04/19/2013Robert Eubanks
Farm Credit Services of East Central Oklahoma, ACA04/16/2013Dan Childs
Farm Credit Services of East Central Oklahoma, ACA04/16/2013Jimmie Jarrell
Farm Credit Services of East Central Oklahoma, ACA04/16/2013R. Dale McDaniel
Farm Credit Services of East Central Oklahoma, ACA04/16/2013Bob Loudermilk
Farm Credit Services of East Central Oklahoma, ACA04/16/2013Don Morris
Farm Credit Services of East Central Oklahoma, ACA04/16/2013Jim Freenz
Farm Credit Services of East Central Oklahoma, ACA04/16/2013Ross Tone
Farm Credit Services of East Central Oklahoma, ACA04/16/2013Barry M. Bledson
Farm Credit SErvices of East Central Oklahoma, ACA04/16/2013Wayne Johnson
Farm Credit Services of Hawaii, ACA04/19/2013Raymond M. Kawamata and Others
Farm Credit Services of Illinois04/15/2013Karen Neff
Farm Credit Services of North Dakota04/12/2013Clara Sue Price
Farm Credit Services of North Dakota04/12/2013Tom Henry
Farm Credit Services of North Dakota04/12/2013Bryan Ankenbauer
Farm Credit Services of North Dakota04/12/2013Steve Perdue
Farm Credit Services of North Dakota04/12/2013Rollin Tonneson
Farm Credit Services of North Dakota04/12/2013Tim Dwyer
Farm Credit Services Southwest03/27/2013Gary R. Dyer
Farm Credit Srvices of America04/22/2013Robert Bruxvoort and Margaret L. Doyle
FCS Financial04/22/2013James A. Nivens
FCS of North Dakota04/12/2013Phil Lowe
FCS of North Dakota04/12/2013Daryl Klein
FCS of North Dakota04/12/2013Bill Ongstad
Federal Land Bank Association of Kingsburg, FLCA04/17/2013James L. Oliver and Michael Fry
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Mike Patrick
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Amy Ellender
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Thomas H. Nelson, Jr.
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Daniel Viator
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Paul Briscoe
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Daniel C. Mattingly
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Dan West
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Trey Martin
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Rodney Richardson
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Alan Marsh
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Gaston Lanaux, III
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Ted Passmore
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013William Kyser
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Dale Thibodeaux
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Joe H. Morgan
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Paul Clark
First South Farm Credit04/12/2013Shep Morris
Fontes Farms LLC04/18/2013George Fontes
Fresno Madera Farm Creit04/22/2013Jeffrey Jue and John Simpson
Freunds Farm04/10/2013Benjamin J. Freund
Frontier Farm Credit04/18/2013Jim Feldkamp
Frontier Farm Credit04/18/2013Larry Hoobler
Frontier Farm Credit04/18/2013Steve Powers
Frontier Farm Credit04/18/2013Alan Hess
Frontier Farm Credit04/18/2013Clair Niles
Frontier Farm Credit04/18/2013Bill Miller
Frontier Farm Credit04/18/2013Gerald Gerstner
Frontier Farm Credit04/18/2013William N. Fleming
Frontier Farm Credit04/18/2013Mark Wulfkuhle
Frontier Farm Credit04/18/2013Burl Peckman
Frontier Farm Credit04/22/2013Donald J. Wissman, Ph.D.
Frontier Farm Credit 04/18/2013Jennifer Gehrt, Director
Gould Farms04/16/2013Lynn D. Gould
Great Plains AgCredit04/19/2013Myles Frische
Great Plains AgCredit04/19/2013Danny Detten
Great Plains AgCredit04/19/2013Dennis Anthony
Great Plains AgCredit04/19/2013Bryan Reinart
Great Plains AgCredit04/19/2013Terry Sherrill
Great Plains AgCredit04/19/2013John Reinart
Great Plains AgCredit04/19/2013Trent Finck
GreenStone Farm Credit Services04/16/2013Scott Roggenbuck
Idaho Agricultural Credit Association04/22/2013Mark R. Ricks
Independent Community Bankers of America04/26/2013Mark Scanlan
Karag, Inc.04/19/2013Herb Karst
Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit04/15/2013Fred N. West
National Cooperative Business Association04/19/2013Micahel V. Beall
National Council on Farmer Cooperatives04/22/2013Charles F. Conner
Northwest Farm Credit Services04/10/2013Jim Farmer
Orchard Dale Fruit Farms, Inc.04/21/2013Robert R. Brown
Pleasant View Gardens, Inc.04/09/2013Henry Huntington
Premier Farm Credit, ACA04/16/2013Eldon Heermann
Progressive Farm Credit Services04/12/2013Markel D. Yarbro and others
R&D Janiga Enterprises, LLC04/09/2013Richard P. Janiga
Saratoga Sodfarm04/09/2013Laurie K. Griffin
Southern Ag Credit, ACA04/19/2013Joe Hayman
Texas AgFinance04/17/2013John Prukop
Texas Land Bank ACA04/19/2013Charles P. Gant
The Farm Credit Council04/16/2013Kim Boscia
Walters Produce INC04/11/2013Shawn J. Walters
Western AgCredit04/18/2013Richard V. Nielson and others
Yankee Farm Credit04/17/2013George Putnam
Yosemite Farm Credit, ACA04/15/2013Brian Genzoli
04/09/2013Kirvin Knox
04/09/2013Eric Allen
04/09/2013Jerold Harris
04/09/2013Curtis Hancock
04/09/2013Clark Newlin
04/09/2013Robert Roberson
04/09/2013Whit Player
04/09/2013Gary Hendrix
04/09/2013James Norsworthy. 111
04/10/2013Howard Bateman
04/09/2013John Engelland
04/09/2013Wayne Lamberston
04/10/2013Clinton Eck
04/09/2013Joe Schoonover
04/10/2013Donald Cotner
04/09/2013Carl Sample
04/10/2013Tom Teixeira
04/09/2013Stanley Forbes
04/09/2013Leif Aakre
04/09/2013Sonny Register
04/10/2013Mike Garnett
04/09/2013Terry James
04/09/2013Donna Brooke-Alt
04/10/2013William Jackson
04/10/2013Mary Parente
04/10/2013Al Stephens
04/10/2013Bob Eubanks
04/10/2013David Stanford
04/09/2013Clarke Fox
04/10/2013John Davis
04/09/2013Alfred Wooten
04/09/2013Joe Campbell
04/09/2013Paul House
04/09/2013John Langford
04/10/2013Blan Dougherty
04/10/2013Greg Nelson
04/10/2013Stacy Houseknecht
04/10/2013Dennis Carlton
04/10/2013Charlie Talbott
04/10/2013Chris Fesko
04/10/2013Herb Marlow
04/10/2013Brandon Weary
04/10/2013James Ward
04/10/2013Dwayne Vidlar
04/10/2013Phillip Munden
04/10/2013Shawn Wolfinger
04/11/2013Jack Harbison
04/10/2013Richard Sitman
04/11/2013Peter Bulthuis
04/11/2013Charles Ulmer
04/11/2013Robert Bruxvoort
04/11/2013Joe Little
04/11/2013Larry Gibson
04/11/2013George Fontes
04/11/2013Tony Horinek
04/11/2013William Franklin
04/11/2013Billie Mack Simpson
04/11/2013Emery Skelton
04/11/2013Mitch Gillespie
04/11/2013David Henneke
04/10/2013Jimmy Poston
04/11/2013Brad Sunderland
04/11/2013Aaron Wilson
04/11/2013Dave Reinders
04/11/2013Robert Behr
04/10/2013Dennis Spangler
04/11/2013John Prukop
04/11/2013Frank Stonebarger
04/11/2013DuPree Atkinson
04/10/2013Donald Reese
04/11/2013Larry Barrett
04/11/2013Jesse Howell
04/10/2013Mike Marley
04/11/2013Paul Wood
04/10/2013Eldon Heermann
04/12/2013Mary Fritz
04/11/2013Barry Sabloff
04/11/2013Sam Crouse
04/12/2013Ray Henry
04/12/2013James Wasson
04/12/2013Scott Whittington
04/12/2013Jon Marthedal
04/11/2013Jim Cooksey
04/11/2013Jack Bentley
04/12/2013Dane Coomer
04/12/2013Jason Pachner
04/12/2013W.Steve Love
04/12/2013Richard Nielson
04/12/2013Lance Beery
04/12/2013Bill Ashworth
04/12/2013Forrest Nuckols
04/12/2013Jon Vanbeek
04/12/2013John Wells
04/12/2013Burt Richards
04/12/2013John Caldwell
04/12/2013Fred Moore
04/12/2013Linda Staniszewski
04/12/2013Kim Starnes
04/12/2013Dan Henard
04/13/2013Loyd Rutherford
04/12/2013Greg Ringler
04/13/2013Larry Killebrew
04/13/2013Katherine Pace
04/15/2013John Mills, Jr.
04/14/2013David Lawrence
04/14/2013Harry DuRant
04/15/2013Chuck Davis
04/13/2013Jack Sanders
04/14/2013Dale Wagner
04/14/2013Bill Harris
04/15/2013Kim Vanneman
04/14/2013Wayne Midcap
04/13/2013Joseph Lail
04/15/2013Susie Gambill
04/14/2013Jim Ehlers
04/15/2013Clint Roush
04/13/2013Richard Starkebaum
04/14/2013Doug Felton
04/16/2013Buck Vandersteen
04/16/2013Nancy Tarver
04/16/2013Susan Hance-Wells
04/16/2013Bob Calvert
04/15/2013William J. Stutzman
04/15/2013George L. Hodges
04/15/2013Robert Hatcher
04/16/2013Bryan Pearce
04/16/2013David Alders
04/15/2013Terry Ebeling
04/15/2013Kevin Sampson
04/16/2013Rocklyn Giroux
04/16/2013E. Bernard Beck
04/16/2013Alan Marsh
04/16/2013Bobby Matthews Jri
04/17/2013Christine Crumbaugh
04/17/2013Lonnie Olson
04/17/2013Jimmy Dodson
04/17/2013Alan List
04/17/2013Robert Bray
04/17/2013Mark mccollum
04/17/2013Guy Daughtrey
04/17/2013Herb Holzapfel
04/17/2013Butch McComas
04/17/2013Paul Heath
04/17/2013Bill York
04/17/2013Brent York
04/17/2013Scott Roggenbuck
04/17/2013Buddy Cortese
04/17/2013Ron Hubbard
04/17/2013Margaret Doylein
04/17/2013Verl Daugherty
04/17/2013Robert Bazemore
04/17/2013Jeff Uhland
04/17/2013John Negley
04/17/2013Christopher Bledsoe
04/17/2013Kenneth Markes
04/17/2013Roger Fischer
04/17/2013Danny Parker
04/17/2013Bruce Lewis
04/17/2013Randy Autrey
04/17/2013Kenneth Markes
04/17/2013Lauren. Kamm
04/18/2013Douglas Waiker
04/18/2013Laura Braun
04/18/2013Mary Harry
04/18/2013Mark Bray
04/18/2013Donn. Peterson
04/17/2013Darl Evers
04/18/2013Cathy Webster
04/18/2013Lyndsey Bishop
04/18/2013Mac Reeves
04/18/2013Jerry Spruill
04/18/2013Scott Nolen
04/18/2013Wayne Kirby
04/18/2013Greg Nelson
04/18/2013Ronald Dunbar
04/18/2013Kaye Compart
04/18/2013Steve Johnson
04/18/2013Gary Lancaster
04/18/2013Patrick Friess
04/18/2013Brian Peterson
04/18/2013Bill McCue
04/18/2013Ronald Rehfeld
04/18/2013Tom Colgan
04/18/2013Jennifer Zessin
04/18/2013Lawrence Romuald
04/18/2013Chris Roberts
04/18/2013Wes Durbin
04/18/2013Rocki-Lee DeWitt
04/18/2013Daniel Rengert
04/18/2013Paul Franklin
04/18/2013Less Guthrie
04/18/2013Kenny Brixey
04/18/2013William Lipinski
04/18/2013Ken Love
04/18/2013Bryan Davis
04/18/2013Bruce Alford
04/18/2013Jimmy Williams
04/18/2013Scott Schroeder
04/18/2013Suzanne Allen
04/18/2013Steve Wertz
04/18/2013George Kitchens
04/18/2013Alton Thompson
04/18/2013Kevin Smith
04/18/2013Kevin Still
04/18/2013Andrew Gilbert
04/18/2013Christy Burmeister-Smith
04/18/2013Bradley Sunderland and Richard Pooley
04/18/2013Lisa Sellew
04/18/2013LaDell Eyre
04/18/2013John Huddleston
04/18/2013Richard Hall
04/18/2013Howard Lawson
04/18/2013Robert Johnson
04/18/2013Martin Christensen
04/18/2013Sandra Mansfield
04/19/2013Darren Grogan
04/19/2013Lance Morris
04/19/2013Douglas Shelmidine
04/18/2013Steve Burke
04/18/2013Randy Peters
04/18/2013Joseph Meeks
04/18/2013Kelly Gaskins
04/18/2013Larry Cochran
04/18/2013Randy Arnold
04/18/2013marion ochs
04/18/2013W.Thomas Dozier III
04/18/2013Lynn Gould
04/19/2013William McConnell
04/18/2013Christine Waddell
04/18/2013Andy Snider
04/19/2013John W Anderson
04/19/2013James Bassett
04/19/2013O. Scott Wayment
04/19/2013Allen W. Wells
04/19/2013John Adams
04/19/2013Bruce kokes
04/19/2013Stephen Taylor
04/19/2013Alfred Porter
04/19/2013John Peelman
04/19/2013Travis Fogler
04/19/2013Randall Heath
04/19/2013Matt Abercrombie
04/19/2013Buddy Ray
04/19/2013Keith Roberts
04/19/2013Andrew Monahan
04/19/2013Ed Reed
04/19/2013Gene Batali
04/19/2013Curtis Pavlicek
04/19/2013Steve Schafer
04/19/2013Jim Magnuson
04/19/2013Kent Albers
04/19/2013Wesley Brantley
04/19/2013Jeff Yribarren
04/19/2013Cary Moch
04/19/2013Victor Sahatdjian
04/19/2013Herb Karst
04/19/2013John Simpson
04/19/2013Allen Roshau
04/19/2013Becky Hansen
04/19/2013James Vander Vorst
04/19/2013Fred Stern
04/19/2013Raymond Simms
04/19/2013Charles Redd
04/19/2013Danny Koehn
04/19/2013Stanley Claussen
04/19/2013Ron Bach
04/19/2013Craig Gebhard
04/19/2013Alan Hoffman
04/19/2013Jay Dubey
04/19/2013Ron Koelsch
04/19/2013Jon Herrmann
04/19/2013Monte Thom
04/19/2013Tim Benoit
04/19/2013Fred Bauer
04/19/2013Nancy Baerwald
04/19/2013Kenneth Gasper
04/13/2013Eugene College
04/12/2013Ray Makamson
04/19/2013Peter Haddeland
04/19/2013Nathan Richter
04/19/2013Chris stiles
04/19/2013Wayne Whitby
04/19/2013Richard Terry
04/19/2013Bill Wubben
04/19/2013Nancy Skophammer
04/19/2013Stephen Kroenke
04/19/2013V.J. "Gus" Barker
04/19/2013Linda James
04/19/2013Jeffrey L Gerhart
04/19/2013Connie Hoff
04/19/2013Brad Maxwell
04/19/2013Charles Helscher
04/19/2013Dee Baertsch
04/19/2013Scott Nissen
04/19/2013Mary Jo Grismer
04/19/2013Jeff Jue
04/19/2013Paul Hallquist
04/19/2013Kirk Sandquist
04/19/2013Glen Brandner
04/19/2013Bill Briggs
04/19/2013Erik Jacobson
04/19/2013John V. Evans, Jr.
04/19/2013Kris Ausborn
04/19/2013David Ward
04/19/2013Tom Drake
04/19/2013Kurt Henstorf
04/19/2013Brian Matzke
04/19/2013David Richesin
04/20/2013Brian Mino
04/19/2013Steve Zeman
04/19/2013Steve Downs
04/20/2013Dale Ockels
04/20/2013Dan Coup
04/20/2013John Bennett
04/20/2013Everett Dobrinski
04/20/2013David Vanni
04/20/2013Kim haws
04/20/2013Bob Wietharn
04/20/2013Duane Wilson
04/20/2013James R. Smail
04/20/2013William Urnikis
04/20/2013Gregg Lewis
04/20/2013Ronald Rahjes
04/20/2013Peggy Jo Jones
04/20/2013Dan Shaw
04/21/2013Kenneth Walsh
04/21/2013Rob Joki
04/21/2013Jerry Layman
04/21/2013Eddie Workman
04/21/2013Gary Baldosser
04/22/2013Jerry L. O'Connor
04/21/2013James Wedel
04/21/2013Nicholas Hunt
04/22/2013LARRY MCGEE
04/22/2013Rebecca Lenz
04/22/2013Lowell Woodward
04/21/2013Wayne Allen
04/21/2013Jack Hastings
04/21/2013J. Scott Markham
04/22/2013Erick Gandrud
04/22/2013Mike Briggs
04/22/2013John Connolly
04/22/2013Rick Brennan
04/22/2013Ken Congdon
04/22/2013Matthew Ley
04/22/2013Bobby Howard
04/22/2013Tanner Johnson
04/22/2013James Marshall
04/22/2013John Nelson
04/22/2013Jerry Doornbos
04/22/2013Catherine Moyer
04/22/2013JERRY NELSON
04/22/2013Scott Tewksbury
04/22/2013Steven Ausdemore
04/22/2013Ronald Gentrup
04/22/2013David Sparrow
04/22/2013Jason Claussen
04/22/2013Scott Ball
04/22/2013Valarie H. Mowduk
04/22/2013Gary Miller
04/22/2013John Manske
04/09/2013Abbott W. Lww
04/22/2013Cindy Eade
04/22/2013Ted andrew
04/22/2013John Bickford
04/22/2013Jim Tarrant
04/22/2013DARWIN BITZ
04/22/2013Gregory. Burris
04/22/2013Jerry Southam
04/22/2013Bruce Alford
04/23/2013Glen Herrin
04/22/2013Cris Miller
04/22/2013Jane Pirani
04/23/2013Jimmy Harvey
04/22/2013Deborah Johlin-Bach
04/22/2013Daniel Anderson
04/24/2013Jeffrey Thompson
04/23/2013Kip Ellington
04/23/2013Bridget Schneider
04/17/2013Ronnie Harral
04/17/2013Gil Ritter
04/18/2013Keith Kennedy
04/20/2013Vickie Smitherman
04/21/2013David Singleton
04/20/2013Jim may
04/22/2013Galen Wiser
04/19/2013Tom Klahn
04/19/2013Don Reynolds
04/19/2013Richard Shehadey
04/24/2013Ed Patrick
04/24/2013Clark Garland
04/25/2013James Morgan
04/26/2013Dave Currens

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