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Petition for Regulatory Change to Eliminate Non-binding, Advisory Vote in 77 FR 60582

Type: Regulation
Federal Register Document Type: N/A
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The 60 comment letters FCA has received about this item are listed below. The letters may be sorted by Date, by Sender or by Organization. Double-click on a comment letter to open it.

By Date
Letter DateSenderOrganization
Jerry Don KloseCentral Texas Farm Credit, ACA
William BriggsFarm Credit of Ness City
David M. OwensFarm Credit Services of Illinois
John LaymanAg Credit, Agricultural Credit Association
S. Stuart Pierce, Jr.AgCarolina Farm Credit, ACA
Bradley SunderlandUnited FCS, ACA
Michael D. Taylor and Greg ColeAgHeritage Farm Credit Services, ACA
Gary Pautler and Keith JamesFarm Credit of Southern Colorado, ACA
Edith SmothersFarm Credit of Northwest Florida, ACA
Mike Winker Badgerland Financial, ACA
Dennis B. SpanglerAgChoice Farm Credit, ACA
02/28/2013Louis E. "Woody" LarsonFarm Credit of Florida
01/28/2013Ronald J. AllenCape Fear Farm Credit, ACA
01/23/2013Robert M. MossSouthwest Georgia Farm Credit, ACA
01/10/2013James F. DodsonFarm Credit Bank of Texas
12/31/2012Carl LoewerFarm Credit MidSouth, ACA
12/27/2012Blake ByrdFarm Credit of Central Oklahoma, ACA
12/26/2012Bobby J. BrooksFarm Credit Southwest Georgia
12/21/2012Curtis PavlicekFarm Credit Services of Mandan, ACA
12/20/2012Mark R. RicksIdaho Agricultural Credit Association
12/20/2012Andrew J. GilbertFarm Credit East
12/20/2012Paul B. KohlsAgStar Financial Services, ACA
12/20/2012James A. LyonsCentral Kentucky Agricultural Credit Associaiton
12/20/2012L. William YorkAgriBank, FCB
12/20/2012George S. PutnamYankee Farm Credit, ACA
12/20/2012M. Wayne LambertsonAgFirst Farm Credit Bank
12/20/2012Eldon HeermannPremier Farm Credit Services, ACA
12/20/2012Markel D. YarbroProgressive Farm Credit Services, ACA
12/20/2012Raymond J. NowakFarm Credit of Maine, ACA
12/19/2012Joseph A. LailCarolina Farm Credit, ACA
12/19/2012Robert D. BruxvoortFarm Credit Services of America
12/19/2012David J. StanfordFarm Credit of Central Florida
12/19/2012Joe T. KellyAgPreference, ACA
12/19/2012Anne G. SiskAgGeorgia Farm Credit
12/19/2012Michael A. LongAgCountry Farm Credit Services
12/17/2012Brian GenzoliYosemite Farm Credit
12/17/2012Dave E. LawrenceFarm Credit of the Virginias, ACA
12/17/2012Lyndal SkaggsFarm Credit of Enid, ACA
12/17/2012Ray MakamsonFirst South Farm Credit, ACA
12/17/2012L. Wayne KirbyColonial Farm Credit, ACA
12/14/2012Robert B. EngelCoBank, ACB
12/14/2012Kevin RielNorthwest Farm Credit Services
12/14/2012Brad C. BeanSouthern AgCredit, ACA
12/14/2012W. Thomas Dozier, IIIAlabama AgCredit, ACA
12/14/2012Loyd Rutherford Alabama Farm Credit
12/14/2012James Ray SchronkAgTexas Farm Credit Services
12/14/2012Richard V. Nielson and Shirelle HeningerWestern AgCredit, ACA
12/13/2012James M. WardArborOne Farm Credit
12/13/2012John R. SawyerTexas Land Bank, ACA
12/11/2012Jeff Jue and John SimpsonFresno-Madera Farm Credit, ACA
12/11/2012Larry HooblerFrontier Farm Credit, ACA
12/10/2012David B. ArmstrongGreenstone Farm Credit Services, ACA
12/07/2012Faith K. Okabe and William KogaFarm Credit Services of Hawaii, ACA
12/07/2012Raymond M. Kawamata and Theodore M. Tokunaga, Jr.Farm Credit Services of Hawaii, ACA
12/07/2012David Nobriga and Joseph M. SoukiFarm Credit Services of Hawaii, ACA
12/07/2012Michael G. Fitzgerald and Rodney M. HaraguchiFarm Credit Services of Hawaii, ACA
12/06/2012Jeff Jue and John SimpsonFresno-Madera Farm Credit
12/06/2012Dennis AnthonyGreat Plains Ag Credit, ACA
12/05/2012Kenneth E. AuerThe Farm Credit Council
12/03/2012Ray Makamson and Daniel ViatorFirst South Farm Credit, ACA

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