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Capital and Margin Requirements for Covered Swap Entities

Type: Regulation
Federal Register Document Type: Proposed
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By Sender
SenderLetter DateOrganization
 Kyle Brandon03/12/2014SIFMA
Alan Dunlea11/20/2012EquiPower Resources Corp.
Alexander S. Holtan07/11/2011Hutton & Williams LLP
Andrew A. Bernstein07/11/2011
Andrew K. Soto07/11/2011American Gas Association
Anne-Marie Leroy11/26/2012The World Bank
Bert Kalisch06/23/2011
Bert Kalisch07/23/2011American Public Gas Association
Bert Kalisch11/20/2012American Public Gas Association
Brian Cox11/21/2012Microfinance Currency Risk Solutions
Bruce C. Bennett11/26/2012Covington & Burling, LLP
Carl B. Wilkerson07/11/2011American Council of Life Insurers
Carl B. Wilkerson11/26/2012American Council of Life Insurers
Carol J. Moore06/23/2011Hyundai Capital America
Chris Barnard07/22/2011
Chris Barnard10/25/2012
Chris Barnard05/12/2011
Christine Cochran07/11/2011Commodity Markets Council
Coalition for Derivatives End Users11/26/2012
Colin D. Lloyd09/20/2011
Curtis Cunningham07/06/2011International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc., Suite 600
Dan Dolan07/11/2011Electric Power Supply Association
Darrell Issa07/22/2011Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
David C. Phelan07/11/2011The Bank of New York
David Kacynski06/23/2011Catepillar Financial Services Corporation
David M. Perlman11/26/2012Coalition of Physical Energy Companies
David T. McIndoe07/11/2011Hutton & Williams LLP
David T. McIndoe, Alexander S. Holtan, Meghan R. Gruebner11/29/2012Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP
Dennis M. Kelleher07/11/2011Better Markets
Dennis M. Kelleher11/26/2012Better Markets, Inc., Suite 1080
Derrell Hendrix09/19/2012Karson Collateral
Diana L. Preston06/17/2011American Bankers Associtaion
Diana L. Preston07/11/2011ABA Securities Association
Diem-Mi Lu09/14/2012Arnold & Porter LLP
Don S. de Amicis02/03/2012Microfinance Currency Risk Solutions
Don Thompson06/23/2011JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Douglas M. Hodge07/11/2011Pacific Investment Management Company LLC
Dr. Lutz-Christian Funke11/26/2012KFW
Ed Cass06/24/2011Global Corporate Securities
Eliott J. Chambers06/17/2011Chesapeake Energy
Elizabeth Khalil06/21/2011Hogan Lovells, US LLP
Ernest C. Goodrich, Jr.,07/11/2011Deutsche Bank AG
Frank Wetter06/23/2011Daimler North America Corp.
George D. Fatula07/11/2011Bracewell & Giuliani LLP
Hal S. Scott07/11/2011Committee on Capital Markets Regulation
Jack Hattem07/11/2011Black Rock, Inc.
Jennifer S. Choi11/20/2012Investment Compay Institue
Joanne Medero07/11/2011Black Rock, Inc.
Joe D. Van Tol06/27/2011Peoples Bank
John A. Kelley07/11/2011The Bank of New York
John L. Thorton07/11/2011Committee on Capital Markets Regulation
John R. Gidman07/11/2011Association of Institutional Investors
John T. Noone06/23/2011Ford Credit
John T. Noone06/24/2011Ford Credit Company
Jonathan J. Ching11/26/2012Jones Day
Justin Levis06/22/2011Council of Institutional Investors
Karrie McMillian07/11/2011Investment Company Institute
Kenneth E. Bentsen, Jr.11/26/2012SIFMA
Kenneth M. Fisher06/29/2011
Kenneth M. Fisher11/26/2012Noble Enery, Inc.
Kevin Gould11/26/2012Markit North America
Kevin M. Budd07/11/2011MetLife
Kirk W. Freeman07/11/2011National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts; REITs: Building Dividends and Diversification
Kyle Brandon02/03/2011
Kyle Brandon07/07/2011
Kyle B. Isakower07/11/2011American Petroleum Institute
Lars Eibeholm10/09/2012Nordic Investment Bank
Laura S. Harper11/26/2012Managed Funds Association
Lisa M. Ledbetter07/11/2011Freddie Mac
Mark R. Thresher06/23/2011Nationwide
Mark Scanlan07/11/2011Independent Community Bankers of America
Mark Wilten06/23/2011Nissan North America, Inc.
Mark W. Menezes07/11/2011Hutton & Williams LLP
Matthew King11/25/2012
Michael J. Cave06/23/2011Boening Capital Corporation
Mollie Merritt11/26/2012Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P.
Molly Moore11/26/2012Ropes & Gray LLP
Nathan E. Endrud06/23/2011Leonard, Street and Deinard Professional Association
National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation08/02/2012National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation
Noreen Roche-Carter07/11/2011
Paul Hunter11/07/2012JFMC
Priya Bindra09/08/2011Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP
Randi D. Adelstein11/26/2012MasterCard Worldwide
Raymond Dorado07/11/2011The Bank of New York
Raymond Specht06/23/2011Toyota Financial Services
Richard F. McMahon., Jr.07/11/2011Edison Electric Institute
Richard M. Whiting07/11/2011The Financial Services Roundtable
Richard Prager07/11/2011Black Rock, Inc.
Robbie Boone07/11/2011Farm Credit Council
Robert Pickel11/26/2012ISDA
Robert Pickel02/05/2014ISDA
Robert Pickel and Kenneth E. Bentsen, Jr.07/06/2011ISDA
Robert P. Boone, III11/26/2012Farm Credit Council
Russell Wasson07/11/2011National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
R. Glenn Hubbard07/11/2011Committee on Capital Markets Regulation
R. Michael Sweeney, Jr.07/11/2011Hutton & Williams LLP
Sarah A. Miller07/01/2011Institute of International Bankers
Scott C. Davis06/23/2011American Honda Finance Corporation
Scott Goebel07/11/2011Fidelity Investments
Shraddha Mishra11/26/2012Inter-American Development Bank
Stephen H. McElhennon07/08/2011Fannie Mae
Steve Baca06/23/2011Pacific Coast Bankers' Bank
Steve Baca09/28/2012Pacific Coast Bankers' Bancshares
Steven Corneli07/11/2011NRG Energy, Inc.
Stuart J. Kaswell07/11/2011Managed Funds Association
Sue N. Kelley07/11/2011American Public Power Association
Sullivan & Cromwell LLP06/30/2011
Supurna VedBrat07/11/2011Black Rock, Inc.
Susan Ginsberg07/11/2011Independent Petroleum Association of America
Tahmineh I. Maloney08/10/2012National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Cooperation
Teresa Davidson06/23/2011Volvo Financial Services
Timothy L. Buzby07/11/2011Farmer Mac
Timothy V. Haight06/23/2011John Deere Financial
Timothy W. Cameron, Esq.07/11/2011Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
Tina Tsui07/11/2011Deutsche Bank AG
Todd F. Lurie07/11/2011MetLife
Tom Deutsch07/11/2011American Securitization Forum
Trond Grande07/07/2011
Wallace C. Turberville07/11/2011Better Markets
Warren Davis07/11/2011Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP
Warren Davis11/26/2012Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP
Winthrop N. Brown11/26/2012Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, LLP
11/21/2012National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation

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