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Items AvailableType
1.2013 Regulatory Burden Notice with Request for CommentRegulation
2.Capital - Risk Weighting: Alternatives to NRSRO Credit Ratings - ANPRMRegulation
3.Capital Adequacy - Capital Components; Basel Accord Tier 1/Tier 2 - ANPRMRegulation
4.Capital and Margin Requirements for Covered Swap EntitiesRegulation
5.Farmer Mac Corporate Governance and Standards of ConductRegulation
6.Farmer Mac Liquidity Investments - Proposed & FinalRegulation
7.Farmer Mac Risk-Based Capital - Ver. 5.0 - ANPRM, Proposed & FinalRegulation
8.Flood Insurance - Proposed RuleRegulation
9.Notice of Petition - "Compensation, Retirement Programs and Related Benefits"Regulation
10.Petition for Regulatory Change to Eliminate Non-binding, Advisory Vote in 77 FR 60582Regulation