FCS Institution Directory
FCA Institution Number:2020561
Abbreviated Name:FC Fin Corp of Puerto Rico
RSSD Number:
Chairman of the Board:

Street:213 Domenech Avenue
City:Hato Rey State: PR Zip Code: 00918
County:San Juan
Web URL:

Charter Information:
Official Name:Farm Credit Finance Corporation of Puerto Rico
Charter Date:11/26/1984
Charter Number:
Territory Description:

Effective 4/1/95, the FCB of Baltimore consolidated with the FCB of Columbia. The new Bank's name will be AgFirst Farm Credit Bank. As a result of this consolidation, the uninums for all institutions (associations and service organizations) that have district numbers of 2 and 16 will be changed to reflect the new district number (20).

Effective December 31, 2005, the Farm Credit Finance Corporation of Puerto Rico (FCFCPR) suspended its operations due to changes in the tax treatment of the corporation. FCA agreed to maintain the charter of FCFCPR for an indefinite period of time provided that AgFirst Farm Credit Bank (AgFirst), the sole stockholder of FCFCPR, review the practicality of maintaining the FCFCPR charter every three years, beginning in January 2009, and provide the Office of Regulatory Policy a written report of its decision.

FCA will examine the FCFCPR throughout the time that business operations are suspended. As a part of FCA's examination, AgFirst must certify in writing that the business operations of FCFCPR are suspended and will remain suspended for the next 12 months unless a written notice is provided to FCA at least 90 days in advance that FCFCPR will resume its operations. The certification is to be provided to the FCA's Chief Examiner on January 1 of each year beginning in January 2006, and at any other time as FCA may request.

On August 22, 2012, the Farm Credit Administration Board authorized the voluntary liquidation of the Farm Credit Finance Corporation of Puerto Rico (FCFCPR) without the appointment of a receiver, and the cancellation of FCFCPR’s charter arising out that voluntary liquidation. The Charter was cancelled and notice was published in the Federal Register on December 13, 2012.