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Most of the institutions listed below are direct-lending associations affiliated with one of the five Farm Credit banks of the Farm Credit System. Also listed are the System’s five banks, its five service corporations, as well as the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation and the Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation. The only institution in the list below that is not part of the Farm Credit System is the National Consumer Cooperative Bank (NCB). FCA conducts safety and soundness examinations of NCB in accordance with the National Consumer Cooperative Bank Act of 1978, as amended.

The institutions can be re-sorted by clicking a column header. Click on an institution’s name to view more information about the institution, such as chartered territory, institution Web site, and mailing address.

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Institution NameCan be sorted ascendingDistrictCan be sorted ascendingHQ StateSorted ascendingCEOCan be sorted ascendingRSSD NumberCan be sorted ascending
Alabama Farm Credit, ACATexasALKerry Ben Gore3978043
Alabama Ag Credit, ACATexasALDouglas Thiessen3025349
Farm Credit Services of Western Arkansas, ACAAgriBankARGlen Manchester2537470
AgHeritage Farm Credit Services, ACAAgriBankARGreg Cole2484556
Delta Agricultural Credit AssociationAgriBankARMark Kaufman3982152
Farm Credit Midsouth, ACAAgriBankARJames McJunkins3982910
Farm Credit Services Southwest, an Agricultural Credit AssociationCoBankAZRoger Becker2558907
American AgCredit, ACACoBankCAByron E. Enix2558989
Farm Credit Services of Colusa-Glenn, ACACoBankCARobert C. Faris2558877
Fresno-Madera Farm Credit, ACACoBankCAKeith Hesterberg3348703
Farm Credit West, ACACoBankCAMark D. Littlefield3348691
Yosemite Farm Credit, ACACoBankCALeonard Van Elderen3348730
Golden State Farm Credit, ACACoBankCAScott R. Anderson3348673
CoBank, ACBCoBankCORobert B. Engel1019988
Farm Credit of Southern Colorado, ACACoBankCORussell Tomky3125212
Premier Farm Credit, ACACoBankCORick Sanger3107526
Farm Credit East, ACACoBankCTWilliam J. Lipinski2507923
Farm Credit of Northwest Florida, ACAAgFirstFLRick Bitner2837750
Farm Credit of Central Florida, ACAAgFirstFLReginald T. Holt2845997
Farm Credit of Florida, ACAAgFirstFLGregory Cunningham3977998
Southwest Georgia Farm Credit, ACAAgFirstGARichard S. Monson3345467
AgGeorgia Farm Credit, ACAAgFirstGAJack C. Drew, Jr.3345476
AgSouth Farm Credit, ACAAgFirstGAWilliam P. Spigener, Jr.3074196
Farm Credit Services of Hawaii, ACACoBankHITheodore M. Tokunaga, Jr.3348749
Idaho Agricultural Credit AssociationCoBankIDDan Allred3348758
1st Farm Credit Services, ACAAgriBankILGary Ash3991051
Farm Credit llinois, ACAAgriBankILDavid Owens3990139
AgVantis, Inc.Service CorporationsKSThomas Stegman4013941
High Plains Farm Credit, ACACoBankKSDouglas L. Thurman4012579
Frontier Farm Credit, ACACoBankKSDoug Hofbauer3338964
Farm Credit of Southwest Kansas, ACACoBankKSMark Anderson2803241
Farm Credit of Ness City, FLCACoBankKSScott D. Stockwell4016652
Farm Credit of Western Kansas, ACACoBankKSRandal D Wilson2737878
Central Kentucky Agricultural Credit AssociationAgFirstKYJames W. Caldwell2506793
Farm Credit Mid-America, ACAAgriBankKYWilliam L Johnson2484369
River Valley AgCredit, ACAAgFirstKYAllen Stan Brunston3574481
Louisiana Land Bank, ACATexasLAF. Stephen Austin4005227
Farm Credit Financial Partners, Inc.Service CorporationsMAThomas J. Moran3978445
MidAtlantic Farm Credit, ACAAgFirstMDJ. Robert Frazee2970509
GreenStone Farm Credit Services, ACAAgriBankMIDavid B. Armstrong3087598
Farm Credit Leasing Services CorporationService CorporationsMNMichael A. Romanowski2269883
AgStar Financial Services, ACAAgriBankMNPaul A. DeBriyn3950469
United FCS, ACAAgriBankMNMarcus L. Knisely2617774
AgriBank, FCBAgriBankMNL. William York2008886
Farm Credit FoundationsService CorporationsMNSandi Schmiesing0
FCS Financial, ACAAgriBankMODavid Janish3091607
Progressive Farm Credit Services, ACAAgriBankMORonald C. Milbach3558249
First South Farm Credit, ACAAgFirstMSRoger Chappell2496036
Mississippi Land Bank, ACATexasMSGary L. Gaines4095983
Southern AgCredit, ACATexasMSJoe H. Hayman3978164
Cape Fear Farm Credit, ACAAgFirstNCWilliam L Melton2401348
Carolina Farm Credit, ACAAgFirstNCVance C. Dalton, Jr.2399940
AgCarolina Farm Credit, ACAAgFirstNCDavid W. Corum2970497
Farm Credit Services of Mandan, ACAAgriBankNDMichael O'Keeffe3559518
Farm Credit Services of North Dakota, ACAAgriBankNDClaude Sem4005393
AgCountry Farm Credit Services, ACAAgriBankNDBob Bahl2848961
Farm Credit Services of America, ACAAgriBankNEDouglas Stark2415578
Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding CorporationService CorporationsNJTheresa E. McCabe4003205
Ag New Mexico, Farm Credit Services, ACATexasNMFranklin Shelton2873909
Farm Credit of New Mexico, ACACoBankNMAlfred (Al) E. Porter, Jr.4016344
AG CREDIT, Agricultural Credit AssociationAgFirstOHBrian J. Ricker3696105
Farm Credit Services of East Central Oklahoma, ACACoBankOKJohn P. Poindexter3022544
Chisholm Trail Farm Credit, ACACoBankOKP. L. (Butch) McComas, Jr.2952569
AgPreference, ACACoBankOKCecil H. Sheperson2942896
Farm Credit of Central Oklahoma, ACACoBankOKBlake L. Byrd4015459
Farm Credit of Enid, ACACoBankOKKyle J. Hohmann4015141
Farm Credit of Western Oklahoma, ACACoBankOKJohn Grunewald4014591
AgChoice Farm Credit, ACAAgFirstPADarrell Curtis2499907
Puerto Rico Farm Credit, ACAAgFirstPRRicardo L. Fernández3865068
ArborOne, ACAAgFirstSCKathy S. Heustess3221767
AgFirst Farm Credit BankAgFirstSCLeon T. (Tim) Amerson2333690
Panhandle-Plains Land Bank, FLCATexasTXGreggory S. Lloyd4005759
Farm Credit Bank of TexasTexasTXLarry R. Doyle2183916
AgTexas Farm Credit ServicesTexasTXThomas Mitchell Harris1902419
Heritage Land Bank, ACATexasTXBill Tandy4005441
Great Plains Ag Credit, ACATexasTXTim S. McDonald3088102
Legacy Ag Credit, ACATexasTXJoseph Crouch4005768
Central Texas Farm Credit, ACATexasTXBoyd J. Chambers4005405
Capital Farm Credit, ACATexasTXBen R. Novosad3075401
Texas Farm Credit ServicesTexasTXMark A. Miller1902343
Lone Star, ACATexasTXTroy Bussmeir3259032
Western AgCredit, ACACoBankUTRichard Weathered3348767
Colonial Farm Credit, ACAAgFirstVAGreg B. Farmer2404545
Farm Credit of the Virginias, ACAAgFirstVADavid E. Lawrence2404554
Yankee Farm Credit, ACACoBankVTGeorge S. Putnam2507576
Northwest Farm Credit Services, an Agricultural Credit AssociationCoBankWAPhil S. DiPofi2558943
Badgerland Financial, ACAAgriBankWIDiane M. Cole2688840