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FCA Institution Number:610000
Abbreviated Name:FCB of Texas
RSSD Number:2183916
CEO:Mr. Larry R. Doyle
Chairman of the Board:Mr. James F. Dodson

Street:4801 Plaza on the Lake Drive
City:Austin State: TX Zip Code: 78746
Web URL:http://www.farmcreditbank.com

Charter Information:
Official Name:Farm Credit Bank of Texas
Charter Date:07/06/1988
Charter Number:10
Territory Description:
The states of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Further, in accordance with section 1.7(b) of the Act, the Bank may lend to, discount for, and extend financial assistance to any agricultural credit association whose production credit association subsidiary is chartered to serve the state of New Mexico, excluding San Juan County and that portion of Rio Arriba County lying west of the Continental Divide, and participate with any such associations or other Farm Credit Bank in making loans to eligible borrowers in the above-stated territory in New Mexico.

Consolidation of the FLB and FICB of Texas mandated by section 410 of 1987 Act and effective 7-6-88. The FCA, in accordance with section 5.17(a)(1) of the Farm Credit Act of 1971, As amended, amends the FCB of Texas' chartered territory to extend long-term credit to borrowers in the states of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. This amendment was effective at the close of business on 2/10/89.

Effective 12/21/90 in conjunction with the re-assignment of the Albuquerque PCA to the Texas District and pursuant to section 1.7(b) FCB of Texas has authority to lend to, discount for, and extend other similar financial assistance to any PCA chartered to serve the State of New Mexico, excluding the County of San Juan and that portion of the County of Rio Arriba lying west of the continental divide.

Effective 9/30/93 Northwest Louisiana Production Credit Association transferred its territory and affiliation from the Federal Intermediate Credit Bank of Jackson to the Farm Credit Bank of Texas, pursuant to section 410(e)(B)(ii)(11) of the 1987 Act.

Effective January 4, 2010, pursuant to the authority under sections 5.17 and 7.7 of the Farm Credit Act of 1971, as amended (Act), FCA amended the charter of the Farm Credit Bank of Texas authorizing the bank to lend to affiliated associations with new lending authorities under section 7.7 of the Act. The bank’s amended charter is effective January 4, 2010.

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