FCS Institution DirectoryView Reports for Farm Credit Mid-America ACA
FCA Institution Number:722825
Abbreviated Name:Farm Credit Mid-America ACA
RSSD Number:2484369
CEO:Mr. William L Johnson
Chairman of the Board:Mr. D Kevin Cox

Street:1601 UPS Drive
City:Louisville State: KY Zip Code: 40223-4390
Web URL:http://www.e-farmcredit.com

Charter Information:
Official Name:Farm Credit Mid-America, ACA
Charter Date:04/01/1989
Charter Number:7695
Territory Description:
All of the State of Indiana; all of the State of Tennessee; all of the Commonwealth of Kentucky except the Counties of Ballard, Calloway, Carlisle, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Marshall, and McCracken; and all of the State of Ohio except the Counties of Crawford, Hancock, Lucas, Marion, Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca, Wood, and Wyandot.

Merger Of FLBA Of The Fourth District And PCA Of The Fourth District And The FLBA Of Bellefontaine And FLBA Of Minerva Under Section 411 Of The 1987 Act And Section 7.8 Of The 1971 Act. FLBA Of Lexington, FLCA Merged Into Farm Credit Services Of Mid- America, ACA, the continuing association, effective 1/1/90. Effective 1/1/94 the Farm Credit Bank Of Louisville merged into AgriBank, FCB, the continuing bank, pursuant To Sections 1.3, 5.17(A), and 7.12 of the Act. Mid-America was given the District Code (17) that had been assigned to AgriBank, FCB.

Effective 12/1/99, Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, ACA was restructured and became the parent entity to FCS of Mid-America, FLCA, and Mid-America, PCA, which are wholly owned subsidiaries of Mid-America, ACA. All three associations are subject to FCA Conditions of Approval, also effective 12/1/99. Pursuant to FCA's Conditions of Approval, FCA will treat the ACA and its subsidiary associations on a consolidated basis for regulatory purposes as the FCA deems appropriate.

As a result of the merger of AgAmerica, FCB, into AgriBank, FCB (AgriBank), on 1/1/03, all active associations in the AgriBank district were assigned a new district code (22).

Effective January 31, 2013, Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, ACA; Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, FLCA; Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, PCA changed their names to Farm Credit Mid-America, ACA; Farm Credit Mid-America, FLCA; and Farm Credit Mid-America, PCA, respectively.

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