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FCA Institution Number:622000
Abbreviated Name:AgriBank, FCB
RSSD Number:2008886
CEO:Mr. L. William York
Chairman of the Board:Mr. Douglas Felton

Street:30 East 7th Street, Suite 1600
City:St. Paul State: MN Zip Code: 55101-1810
Web URL:http://www.agribank.com

Charter Information:
Official Name:AgriBank, FCB
Charter Date:05/01/1992
Charter Number:7
Territory Description:
All the States of Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Wyoming; all the State of Kentucky except for the Counties of Ballard, Calloway, Carlisle, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Marshall, and McCracken; and all the State of Ohio except for the counties of Crawford, Hancock, Hardin, Lucas, Marion, Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca, and Wyandot.

Effective 5/1/92, Farm Credit Bank Of St. Louis And Farm Credit Bank Of St. Paul Consolidated Creating A New Bank To Be Known As AgriBank, FCB, Pursuant To Section 7.12 Of The Act. Effective 1/1/94 The Farm Credit Bank Of Louisville Merges Into AgriBank FCB, The Continuing Bank, Pursuant To Sections 1.3, 5.17(A), And 7.12 Of The Act. The Continuing Bank's Name Will Remain AgriBank, FCB. The Bank's Uninum Was Changed From 615000 To 617000.

Pursuant to section 7.12 of the Act, AgAmerica, FCB, merged into AgriBank, FCB (AgriBank), effective 1/1/03. AgriBank’s charter was amended to include the states of Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming, which was the territory included in AgAmerica’s charter after the reaffiliation of one of AgAmerica’s stockholders - Northwest Farm Credit Services, an Agricultural Credit Association, with CoBank, ACB. AgriBank was assigned a new district code - 22.

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