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Informational Memorandum
Subject:Rescission of Information Systems Bulletin No. 89-2
Date of Memorandum:04/05/2000
Expiration Date:
Signed By:Smith, Roland
FCA Contact Person:Holland, Tom
Contact Phone:703-883-4484
List of Attachments:none


April 5, 2000

To: The Chief Executive Officer
All Farm Credit System Institutions

From: Roland E. Smith, Director /s/
Office of Examination

Subject: Rescission of Information Systems Bulletin No. 89-2

We are reviewing the 15 Information Systems Bulletins (ISBs) the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) issued from 1988 through 1997. These documents covered various information system (IS) topics relevant to Farm Credit System institutions. However, with rapid changes in computer technology, the guidance contained in the ISBs needs to be revised. ISB guidance that remains current will eventually be consolidated into the FCA Examination Manual (Manual). Our intent is to use the Manual as the single source of examination guidance for all aspects of examinations, including IS.

As a first step, ISB 89-2, titled “Reporting,” is rescinded. The reporting requirements previously detailed in ISB 89-2 can be handled by promptly notifying the appropriate FCA field office when:

The IS disaster recovery plan is activated under actual disaster conditions; or
Your institution suspects a computer virus attack or other intrusion into the institution’s computer systems.

Should you have any questions about this memorandum, please call Tom Glenn at (703) 883-4412, or correspond on the Internet at e-mail address