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Informational Memorandum
Subject:Orders of Removal,Suspension, or Prohibition
Date of Memorandum:07/24/1998
Expiration Date:
Signed By:Smith, Roland
FCA Contact Person:Holland, Tom
Contact Phone:703-883-4484
List of Attachments:


July 24, 1998

To: Chairman, Board of Directors
Each Farm Credit System Institution

The Chief Executive Officer
All Farm Credit System Institutions

From: Roland E. Smith, Director /s/
Office of Examination

Subject: Orders of Removal, Suspension, or Prohibition

This memorandum updates previous information submitted to the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) by Federal banking agencies regarding individuals who have received Orders of Removal, Suspension, or Prohibition (Orders). Any person who has been removed, suspended, or prohibited from participating in the conduct of the affairs of a depository institution insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation may not participate in any manner in the conduct of the affairs of any institution chartered under the Farm Credit Act of 1971, as amended (Act), without prior approval by both the agency issuing the original Order and FCA.

Subsequent to the list of Orders distributed to Farm Credit System (FCS) institutions by memorandum dated January 16, 1998, FCA received notification of the attached Orders issued by the National Credit Union Administration, the Office of Thrift Supervision, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, or the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Additionally, FCA issues Notices of Prohibition informing individuals that they are prohibited from serving in any FCS institution as a result of a conviction of a criminal offense involving dishonesty or a breach of trust. Section 5.65(d) of the Act, 12 U.S.C. 2277a-14, provides that, except with the prior written consent of the FCA, it shall be unlawful for any person convicted of any criminal offense involving dishonesty or a breach of trust to serve as a director, officer, or employee of any FCS institution. An institution that violates Section 5.65(d) can be fined $100 per day for each day the violation occurs. Section 5.65(d) does not impose a penalty against the individual. This memorandum also includes an individual who has received a Notice of Prohibition from FCA.

The FCA is providing this information as a courtesy to keep you informed of developments that may impact your institution. However, these mailings should not be seen as a replacement for, but rather as a complement to, management’s due diligence in monitoring issues that may affect your institution. This is not a complete list. Therefore, you are encouraged to obtain copies of all Orders so that you may independently verify who is precluded from serving in your institution.

If you have any questions regarding this document or similar previous documents, please contact Thomas J. Holland, Director, Special Examination and Supervision Division, Office of Examination, at (703) 883-4483, or on the Internet at e-mail address


Former Official, Director,
Individual/ Employee, or Order Effective
(Type of Order): Institution-Affiliated Party of: Issued by: * Date:

Georganna Townsend People’s National Bank OCC 4/3/97
(Removal/Prohibition) Checotak, OK

Julie Nguyen Bank of America, N.T. & S.A. OCC 8/25/97
(Removal/Prohibition) San Francisco, CA

Elizibeth Ann Senn Crossett Paper Mills Employees NCUA 9/18/97
(Prohibition) Federal Credit Union
Crossett, AR

Kerri Schwomeyer NBD Bank, N.A. OCC 10/15/97
(Removal/Prohibition) Indianapolis, IN

Lawrence Lambert Louchem Federal Credit Union NCUA 10/17/97
(Prohibition) Louisville, KY

Shonn McRoyal Bank of America, N.T. & S.A. OCC 10/17/97
(Removal/Prohibition) San Francisco, CA

Robert P. Zingg First National Bank of Ventura OCC 10/29/97
(Removal/Prohibition) Ventura, CA

Y’Nicsha Grey Bank of America, N.T. & S.A. OCC 11/1/97
(Removal/Prohibition) San Francisco, CA

Luther P. Palumbo, Jr. Progressive National Bank of OCC 11/8/97
(Removal/Prohibition) DeSoto Parish
Mansfield, LA

Katrina Gurley-Chase Tar Heel Farm Credit ACA FCA 11/13/97
(Prohibition) Raleigh, NC

Danielle Blanks Bank of America, N.T.& S.A. OCC 11/18/97
(Removal/Prohibition) San Francisco, CA

Eric Charles Dill The New York Branch of the FED 11/21/97
(Prohibition) National Bank of Canada
New York, NY

Massimiliano Locci Istituto Bancario San Paolo di Torino OCC/ 12/5/97
(Removal/Prohibition) New York, NY FED 12/8/97

Milton Alfredo Rodriguez California Federal Bank, a OTS 12/11/97
(Prohibition) Federal Savings Bank
Los Angeles, CA

Robert W. Lewis Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. OCC 12/17/97
(Removal/Prohibition) Denver, CO

Denise Marie Magoon Mountain American Credit Union NCUA 12/29/97
(Prohibition) Salt Lake City, UT

Julia Ann Norback Hamilton City Employees Federal NCUA 12/31/97
(Prohibition) Credit Union
Hamilton, OH

Kenneth Ralph Enos The Dime Savings Bank of New York OTS 1/5/98
(Prohibition) Uniondale, NY

Alta L. Hernandez Norwest Bank Arizona, N.A. OCC 1/6/98
(Removal/Prohibition) Phoenix, AZ

Aaron L. Weston Bank United of Texas, FSB OTS 1/6/98
(Prohibition) Houston, TX

Manolo C. Patolot MWD Federal Credit Union NCUA 1/7/98
(Prohibition) Los Angeles, CA

Janet D. Black Security Savings Bank OTS 1/8/98
(Prohibition) Salina, KS

Charlotte Mantooth-Patterson C.H.E. Credit Union NCUA 1/14/98
(Prohibition) Chambersburg, PA

Kimberly M. Sneed County Wide Federal Credit Union NCUA 1/16/98
(Prohibition) Beavercreek, OH

Charlotte R. Alexander Sovereign Bank FSB OTS 1/21/98
(Prohibition) Wyomissing, PA

Stacy Howard NBD Bank, N.A. OCC 1/26/98
(Removal/Prohibition) Indianapolis, IN

Marie S. Legagneur Stamford FSB OTS 1/29/98
(Prohibition) Stamford, CT

William G. Spruill Oneok Employees Credit Union NCUA 1/29/98
(Prohibition) Tulsa, OK

Jose E. Alegria Campos Banco Nacional, N.A. OCC 2/2/98
(Removal/Prohibition) Hato Rey, PR

Leone Baum CEDC Federal Credit Union NCUA 2/2/98
(Prohibition) Hempstead, NY

Lawrence Burns CEDC Federal Credit Union NCUA 2/2/98
(Prohibition) Hempstead, NY

John Kearse CEDC Federal Credit Union NCUA 2/2/98
(Prohibition) Hempstead, NY

Stephen R. Koury First Western Trust Services Company FED 2/2/98
(Prohibition) New Castle, PA

First Western Bancorp, Inc.
New Castle, PA

Michael Wachs Chase Manhattan Corp. FED 2/2/98
(Prohibition) New York, NY

Chase Securities, Inc.
New York, NY

Michael A. Lindahl Heartland Bank FED 2/3/98
(Prohibition) Croton, OH

Lori Plemmons First Home Savings Bank OTS 2/3/98
(Prohibition) Mountain Grove, MO

Tina Marie Myrick Transit Business Area Federal NCUA 2/4/98
(Prohibition) Credit Union
Memphis, TN

Angel Rafael Guzman Puerto Rican Employees Federal NCUA 2/27/98
(Prohibition) Credit Union
Bronx, NY

Salem Eduardo Nazar Capital Bank, N.A. OCC 2/27/98
(Removal/Prohibition) Rockville, MD

Carlos Ferguson NationsBank, N.A. OCC 3/5/98
(Removal/Prohibition) Dallas, TX

John Taglianetti Keystone Savings and OTS 3/18/98
(Prohibition) Loan Association
Philadelphia, PA

Tommie L. Roberson Orleans Public Schools Federal NCUA 3/19/98
(Prohibition) Credit Union
New Orleans, LA

Raymond J. Allen Park National Bank and Trust OCC 4/10/98
(Removal/Prohibition) of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Daniel Lisbony Bank of America Texas, N.A. OCC 4/10/98
(Removal/Prohibition) Irving, TX

Jennifer Brown Jessop Employees FCU NCUA 4/13/98
(Prohibition) Washington, PA

Carole Doak Jessop Employees FCU NCUA 4/13/98
(Prohibition) Washington, PA

Alice Horner Jessop Employees FCU NCUA 4/13/98
(Prohibition) Washington, PA

Robert R. Hollman Topa Savings Bank F.S.B. OTS 4/17/98
(Prohibition) Los Angeles, CA

Bel-Air Financial Corporation
a wholly owned subsidiary of
Topa Savings Bank F.S.B.
Los Angeles, CA

J. Ruth Coneeny First Home Savings Bank, F.S.B. OTS 6/2/98
(Prohibition) Pennsville, NJ

* Agency Abbreviations:
FCA = Farm Credit Administration
FED = Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
NCUA = National Credit Union Administration
OCC = Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
OTS = Office of Thrift Supervision