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Informational Memorandum
Subject:Listing of Orders of Removal,Suspension, or Prohibition
Date of Memorandum:06/22/1999
Expiration Date:
Signed By:Smith, Roland
FCA Contact Person:Holland, Tom
Contact Phone:703-883-4484
List of Attachments:


June 22, 1999

To: Chairman, Board of Directors
Each Farm Credit System Institution

The Chief Executive Officer
All Farm Credit System Institutions

From: Roland E. Smith, Director /s/
Office of Examination

Subject: Orders of Removal, Suspension, or Prohibition

The attached information was submitted to the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) by Federal Banking agencies regarding individuals who have received Orders of Removal, Suspension, or Prohibition (Orders). The Orders were issued by the National Credit Union Administration, the Office of Thrift Supervision, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Any person who has been removed, suspended, or prohibited from participating in the conduct of the affairs of a federally insured depository institution may not participate in any manner in the conduct of the affairs of any institution chartered under the Farm Credit Act of 1971, as amended, without prior approval by both the agency issuing the original Order and FCA.

The attached is not a complete list; therefore, you are encouraged to maintain copies of all outstanding Orders so that you may independently verify who is precluded from serving in your institution. If you have any questions regarding this document, please call Thomas J. Holland, Director, Special Examination and Supervision Division, Office of Examination, at (703) 883-4483, or correspond on the Internet at e-mail address


Former Official, Director,
Individual/ Employee, or Order Effective
(Type of Order): Institution-Affiliated Party of: Issued by: * Date:

Tommie A. West Bartow Employees Federal Credit Union NCUA 8/25/98
(Prohibition) Adairsville, GA

Stephen V. Willis First Central Credit Union NCUA 9/18/98
(Prohibition) Waco, TX

Harry Daniel Carver, Jr. Inland Employees Federal Credit Union NCUA 10/6/98
(Prohibition) East Chicago, IN

Frank J. Jess United Poles Perth Amboy Federal NCUA 10/22/98
(Prohibition) Credit Union
Perth Amboy, NJ

Roy D. Allen General Foam Employees Federal NCUA 11/16/98
(Prohibition) Credit Union
Hazelton, PA

Coleen Szymczak Fourth Supervisory District Employees NCUA 11/16/98
(Prohibition) Federal Credit Union
Westfield, NY

Jayne M. Esycheck Emerald Credit Union NCUA 12/16/98
(Prohibition) Eugene, OR

William S. George Pennsylvania American Water NCUA 12/31/98
(Removal and Prohibition) Federal Credit Union
Pittsburgh, PA

Bob L. Sellers First National Summit Bankshares FED/OCC 1/13/99
(Prohibition) Crested Butte, CO

First National Summit Bank
Gunnison, CO

John H. Ahn Hanmi Bank FED 1/21/99
(Prohobition) Los Angeles, CA

Allen Weakland Clifton NJ Postal Federal Credit Union NCUA 2/3/99
(Prohibition) Clifton, NJ

Ellis R. Jackman Blackfoot Educators Credit Union NCUA 2/8/99
(Prohibition) Blackfoot, ID

Jerome Johnson Tuskegee Federal Credit Union NCUA 2/9/99
(Prohibition) Tuskegee, AL

Lois Paramour AFSERCO Staff Federal Credit Union NCUA 2/26/99
(Prohibition) Philadelphia, PA

L. Kathryn Mann Montgomery County Employees NCUA 3/5/99
(Prohibition) Credit Union
Montgomery, AL

Eric Majette NYB & FMC Federal Credit Union NCUA 3/18/99
(Prohibition) Jersey City, NJ

Teresa Louise Gillett Three I Credit Union NCUA 3/22/99
(Prohibition) Burlington, IA

Terry Seymour Safeway Federal Credit Union NCUA 3/29/99
(Prohibition) Butte, MT

Jacquelyn Page Hudson Virginia Hospital Employees NCUA 3/31/99
(Prohibition) Federal Credit Union
Richmond, VA

Wayne E. Dodds Piscataway Township Employees NCUA 4/2/99
(Prohibition) Federal Credit Union
Piscataway, NJ

Linda C. McCurdy Searles Lake Federal Credit Union NCUA 4/8/99
(Prohibition) Trona, CA

Joan Winzer Middlesex Healthcare Federal NCUA 4/9/99
(Prohibition) Credit Union
Middletown, CT

Shirlee Aileen Lowe San Bernardino School Employees NCUA 4/13/99
(Prohibition) Federal Credit Union
San Bernardino, CA

Joyce M. Fountain Wegmans Federal Credit Union NCUA 4/14/99
(Prohibition) Rochester, NY

Patricia A. Galvin Oakland Airport Federal Credit Union NCUA 4/16/99
(Prohibition) Oakland, CA

Robin E. Gossett Searles Lake Federal Credit Union NCUA 4/16/99
(Prohibition) Trona, CA

Linda J. Rasey Searles Lake Federal Credit Union NCUA 4/16/99
(Prohibition) Trona, CA

Frieda L. Foote Searles Lake Federal Credit Union NCUA 4/20/99
(Prohibition) Trona, CA

Margaret S. Rana Searles Lake Federal Credit Union NCUA 4/20/99
(Prohibition) Trona, CA

David Alan Herzog Elk County Savings & Loan Association OTS 4/26/99
(Prohibition) Ridgway, PA

* Agency Abbreviations:
FED = Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
NCUA = National Credit Union Administration
OCC = Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
OTS = Office of Thrift Supervision