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Informational Memorandum
Subject:Recent CFPB Actions
Date of Memorandum:07/18/2013
Expiration Date:
Signed By:Coleman, Robert
FCA Contact Person:Cohn, Jennifer
Contact Phone:703-883-4028
List of Attachments:

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July 18, 2013

To: Chief Executive Officer
All Farm Credit System Institutions
From: Samuel R. Coleman, Director and Chief Examiner
Office of Examination

Subject: Recent CFPB Actions

The purpose of this Informational Memorandum (IM) is to provide information regarding several actions the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently took with respect to the various mortgage-related regulations it has issued since January 2013. The actions include:

The language of all of the CFPB’s final mortgage-related rules, together with information about these rules, can be found on the CFPB’s website, at From the home page, go to the Law and Regulation section and click on Mortgage Rule Implementation. This page consolidates all of the CFPB’s mortgage rules and related implementation materials, including summaries, Compliance Guides, Quick Reference Charts, Readiness Guides, and other materials. The CFPB is constantly updating this page, and institutions should refer to this page frequently to ensure they have the latest information on compliance.

The Farm Credit Administration is providing this information as a courtesy to keep you informed of issues that may affect your institution. This information should not be seen as a replacement for management's due diligence in monitoring issues that may affect your institution.

If you have any questions about this Informational Memorandum, please contact Jennifer A. Cohn, Senior Counsel, Office of General Counsel, at (703) 883-4028, or by email at; and/or Dan Fennewald, Director, Examination Policy Division, Office of Examination, at (952) 259-0432, or by email at